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How retail got real with AI, AR, interoperability, physical components at Metaverse Fashion Week

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For the second iteration of Metaverse Fashion Week, the Decenterland Foundation partnered with additional Metaverse Spatials and Over the Reality with extensive experience and participating brands, both harnessing emerging technologies and strengthening their Web3 strategies.

“Last year brands were showing more, but now they know a lot more about what they want,” Mike Charalambous, CEO of Theridium, said in an interview. “There is a consistent strategy behind employing genuine narrative and brand values.” The 3D engine enables the digitization of 3D physical assets, helping brands from Dior to Fendi create business opportunities. It worked with Coach on the brand’s gamified Metaverse Fashion Week experience in Decenterland centered around its Hero Tabby bag.

Cross Metaverse Potential: Community vs. Commerce

adidas Originals and Tommy Hilfiger both showcased the emerging cross platform capabilities of digital wearables. While Adidas’s play was community-centered, Tommy Hilfiger’s play was driven by commerce.

Adidas hosted both the runway show and the immersive space. As mentioned, holders of adidas’ Virtual Gear Nonfungible Token (NFT) collection can also wear their pieces in Decentreland via the ‘Linked Wearables’ feature, but the brand has given 5000 Decentreland wearable edition visitors of its Wallrunner jacket a chance Gifted in an exclusive Blood Orange colourway. , “It was a chance to learn that the community does it this way,” Erika Wykes-Snead, VP of adidas///Studio, said in an interview Friday, seeking feedback on the usefulness of having interoperability.

Hilfiger’s Decentraland space was a sales hub that allowed users to buy physical items or direct them to Ready Player Me (RPM), where they could sell digital wearables created with partner DRESSX, which Decentraland could then sell. , Roblox and RPM compatible could be worn by avatars worldwide. as local.

The brand’s Decenterland activation at Metaverse Fashion Week. Adidas / Decenterland


The hottest topic of the moment – not least related to the viral photo of the Pope in a white Balenciaga puffer jacket by AI and Italy’s ban on ChatGPT – AI even involved itself at Metaverse Fashion Week. Tommy Hilfiger and DRESSX (which also created the wearables for the Dundas Metaverse Fashion Week runway) launched an AI fashion challenge from the latter’s Discord channel, inviting AI designers to create looks via written prompts and apply Hilfiger branding. it was done. The winners will have their creations created as NFT artwork with AR and Decentraland utilities.

Spacial steps up its fashion game with Hugo Boss

HUGO BOSS created an immersive showroom on Metaverse Fashion Week cohost platform, Spatial, calling it a digital extension of the recent BOSS fashion show in Miami. Visitors can purchase physical versions of the five forms displayed in the space through BOSS’s link to e-commerce. In an additional gamified element, users who completed a quest received a digital version of a BOSS suit shown on the Miami runway that could be worn spatially and across other platforms using the Ready Player Me avatars.

“We will take advantage of the opportunities this opens up to enhance the storytelling of our brand and see this as an additional sales channel as part of our future omnichannel strategy,” Hugo Boss CEO Daniel Grider said in a statement. Grider is notably the former CEO of Tommy Hilfiger. The activation was created in collaboration with the Web3 agency Exclusive. Spatial which has the advantage of being a mobile optimized metaverse was previously considered a more corporate environment.


Augmented Reality: Merging Two Worlds

Augmented reality (AR) Metaverse platform Over the Reality participates in Metaverse Fashion Week with a site-specific AR runway show in Milan’s Piazza del Duomo, which passers-by can watch and watch via their smartphones from the Pinko, Balmain x Spacerunners collaboration Access to view accessories. and Gucci Vault collaborator Pet Liger. “It was about bringing digital fashion into the real world and merging the physical and the virtual,” said Over founder Diego De Tomaso in an interview. “When you see something digital mixed with reality the effect is very strong.”

let’s get real

Launched at Metaverse Fashion Week, French e-commerce platform Monier Paris teamed up with Decentreland and digital fashion brand Republic on a design competition for web3 fashion creators. The submission of the finalists will be turned into a real-life bag through 3D printing technology and will be sold on Monnier Paris along with NFTs.

According to Dia Iliakoubi-Bouriz, CEO of Monier Paris, it aims to uncover digital talent and build a bridge with the real world. “We’re convinced they will shape the luxury fashion industry of the future in a big way,” he said during an interview, drawing parallels with music’s impact on fashion after Pharrell Williams was hired by Louis Vuitton. “We hope the award becomes the digital fashion equivalent of the LVMH Awards,” she quipped.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Metaverse does not exist in Silo. It’s inextricably linked to the real world with all the same components – from our obsession with TV reality shows to red carpet moments at the Met Gala and the Oscars.

HBO reality show winner Winston Bartholomew of House of Barth kicked off Metaverse Fashion Week with a virtual runway show and a digital capsule of his latest collection with the Decenterland team. The next season of Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star, a reality TV series broadcast on the British Broadcasting Corporation’s BBC3 channel and co-presented by make-up artist Val Garland, will move into the Metaverse.

Similarly, Web3 entrepreneur Cathy Hackl showcased a digital version of a dress inspired by Vivian Tam’s Physically Bored App Yacht Club with Brand New Vision (BNV) on the virtual red carpet of Metaverse Fashion Week.

Finally for Philippe Plein who unveiled his new Swiss-made timepiece range during Watches & Wonders in Geneva last week and streamed a live performance of the event IRL by Bonnie Tyler in the virtual world at his Plein Plaza space in Decenterland Hosted concurrent activation. The first 100 participants received a digital wearable necklace in the size of their new watch.

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