I don’t mind kissing scenes, says Bukola Ikuomola

An actress, Bukola Ikuomola, has said she doesn’t have issues with kissing in movies as actors are very professional with their roles.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “As a versatile actress, I don’t mind kissing scenes. It’s all part of the job. In such scenes, actors are very professional and they follow all the rules of hygiene and decency. That’s all there is to it.”

Asked if it was difficult for actresses to find love, she stated, “Finding love depends on individual circumstances. It does not matter what profession one is involved in. Even bankers, engineers and nurses can find it difficult to find love. It all depends on the individual.”

The actress, who sells sex toys, said she saw no issue with it, adding, “That is a personal choice. If one is comfortable with selling sex toys, it is okay. In my own case, I see no problem with it. It is all part of life. My customers are happy because the products add value to their lives.”

Speaking on if she had ever acted with a co-actor she had no chemistry with, Ikuomola said, “The skill of a good actress includes working with difficult actors. One must not let one’s irritation for a fellow actor appear in the scenes. I once acted with a famous actress whose name I will not mention. She was so mean and arrogant! But I was able to ignore her tantrums and I successfully got into character.”

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