Matteo Cagnoni Wikipedia And Età- Dermatologist Arrested For Killing His Moglie Giulia Ballestri

This article will assist you in learning about Matteo Cagnoni Wikipedia, who was accused of killing his wife, Giulia Ballestri.

Cagnoni is a former dermatologist who was born in Florence, Italy. He was accused of killing his wife, with a stick in 2014, in their home in Florence.

It was reported his wife was planning to get divorced, as he was overprotective of her, and she couldn’t handle it anymore. She told a friend that he followed her everywhere, even in the bathroom. 

Viwers are interested in learning more about the details of the crime and the events leading up to it, as well as the subsequent trial and conviction of Cagnoni.

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Matteo Cagnoni Wikipedia And Età (Age) 

Cagnoni was accused of killing his wife, Giulia Ballestri, with a stick in their home. The media and the public closely followed Cagnoni’s trial.

During the trial, it was revealed that he had held a deep resentment against his wife for some time and had planned the murder.

He had also attempted to cover up his crime by staging the scene to make it look like a robbery had gone wrong; also, he mentioned his wife committed suicide to cover up his crime.

Despite Cagnoni’s attempts to evade justice, he was eventually found guilty of the murder of his wife and was sentenced to life in prison.

Matteo Cagnoni has been transferred to Ferrara prison from his previous location in Ravenna in 2021. (Image Source: Settesere)

The crime has left a deep scar on the community, particularly for Ballestri’s family and friends, and serves as a tragic reminder of the devastating impact of domestic violence.

In his professional life, Matteo Cagnoni was highly respected by his colleagues, who were shocked to learn of the crime and struggled to understand how he could have committed such a heinous act.

As per the source, he is currently 58 year old. He has not mentioned the exact date of birth in public. 

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Dermatologist Arrested For Killing His Moglie Giulia Ballestri

Cagnoni was accused of murdering his wife, Giulia Ballestri, by hitting her head with a piece of wood at an abandoned villa that had previously belonged to his grandfather.

Italian media reported that Ballestri had demanded a divorce from Mr. Cagnoni and claimed custody of their three children shortly before her death. There were also rumors of a possible affair.

Ballestri’s body was found almost naked, and the police believed there may have been a sexual motive behind the crime.

Matteo Cagnoni has been confirmed to receive life imprisonment for killing his wife, Giulia Ballestri
Matteo Cagnoni has been confirmed to receive life imprisonment for killing his wife, Giulia Ballestri. (Image Source: la Repubblica)

Cagnoni was arrested shortly after discovering the body at his parents’ house in Florence, carrying a large sum of money and his passport. During a four-hour interrogation, he denied all charges made against him.

But later, Cagnoni underwent several trials and was ultimately sentenced to life in prison by the Court of Assizes and the Cassation.

Despite his lawyers’ attempts to use a psychiatric report as a defense, Cagnoni was found guilty without any excuses.

He confessed to the murder, and it was determined that he had planned everything down to the smallest detail.

Cagnoni stated that his relationship with his wife had deteriorated and that she had expressed a desire to separate.

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