Muslim cleric says ‘Muslims of Bangladesh will unfurl the flag of Islam in Delhi’ as crowd screams ‘Allahu akbar’

But…but…Pope Francis and every last politician in the Western world assures us that Islam is peaceful and benign and tolerant. They couldn’t possibly be wrong, could they?

“‘Islamic flag will be hoisted in Delhi, every madarsa will become armed camp’: Bangladeshi Maulana’s video goes viral, ‘Allahu Akbar’ echoes after declaration of ‘Jihad,’” OpIndia, March 27, 2023:

…A controversial statement of a fundamentalist Bangladeshi Maulana is going viral on social media. Maulana’s name is Enayatullah Abbasi. He can be heard spewing venom against India in the undated video.

Abbasi is threatening that Bangladeshi Muslims will hoist the flag of Islam in Delhi. If someone comes to occupy Bangladesh, every madrassa will be armed and converted into a camp. Every Muslim will stand with Bangladesh army for Jihad.

The Twitter handle of ‘Voice of Bangladeshi Hindus’ shared this video on March 23, 2023. The tweet containing the video reads, “Enayatullah Abbasi is a Bangladeshi Islamic scholar, known for his venomous statements against Hindus in Bangladesh. He has threatened to raise the flag of Islam in India and asked the Bangladesh army to prepare for Jihad against India.

The video of the Maulana from Bangladesh was shared by a Twitter handle named ‘Pakistan Untold’ on Sunday (March 26, 2023). In this, he threatens the Hindus of India saying, “Myanmar is of no importance to us. The Muslims of Bangladesh have so much power that they will unfurl the flag of Islam in Delhi as well. Inshallah, it will happen in future.” After this, the crowd listening to him raised slogans of ‘The enemies of Islam are Kafirs’ and ‘Be careful, be careful’ and ‘Allah Hu Akbar’….

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