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One person has been killed and three injured in a shooting in a parking lot outside Los Angeles Trader Joe’s

Authorities provide details of a fatal shooting in a West Hills parking lot

Authorities provide details of a fatal shooting in a West Hills parking lot


Authorities said one person was killed and three others were wounded in a shooting in the parking lot of a Trader Joe’s grocery store in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon during a transaction that may have been a drug deal. Several suspects are under arrest.

The shooting occurred around 3:45 p.m. local time in the San Fernando Valley’s West Hills neighborhood, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

“Our initial investigation revealed that the dispute centered around a drug deal in the area,” Los Angeles Police Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton told a news conference Saturday night. CBS Los Angeles. “During this conflict, several suspects produced firearms and shot each other.”

Hamilton said he was declared dead at the scene. The victim’s name was not immediately released.

Hamilton revealed that two firearms were also recovered from the shooting site.

After the shooting, one of the suspects attempted to flee in a vehicle, prompting police pursuit. During that chase, Hamilton said, the suspect was involved in a collision with another car in which an innocent person was injured. The suspect then switched vehicles and the chase continued.

The second car was eventually stopped, Hamilton said, and two people — the suspect and the female driver — were taken into custody.

Hamilton said he did not believe the hit-and-run victim’s injuries were life-threatening.

As of Saturday night, two people remained in hospital, and three others were in police custody. Hamilton said he did not believe there were any suspects left. The cause and circumstances of the shooting are still under investigation.

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