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Ravenbound Review: Decent Combat In An Empty World

Ravenbound is an open-world, deckbuilder roguelike developed by Systemic Reaction, the same team behind the dinosaur killing team-shooter, Second Extinction. In contrast, Ravenbound is a single-player experience that drops players into the fantasy world of Ávalt, a land inspired by Norse folklore (but not Norse mythology). It was once protected by six gods, called the "Ellri," until one of them, aptly named "The Betrayer," became corrupted. Prior to being sealed by the Betrayer, the remaining Ellri created the Raven to find a vessel strong enough to defeat the Betrayer and cleanse the land of its. Despite its promising set-up and engaging first hour, Ravenbound loses steam and presents an empty world and a gameplay loop that is repetitive, flawed, and unbalanced.

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