Shyamnagar Puja Roy Leaked Video and MMS Gone Viral

Puja Roy leaked Video makes rounds as a girl engaged in an explicit moment was shared online. Here’s everything you need to know.

In the present context, people get viral within a short period for multiple reasons. Some get famous for their amazing talents, but some of them become a hot topic on the internet due to their private Video, which gets leaked online.

There have been records of many renowned figures whose private videos have been leaked, and they have become controversial victims. Many TikTok stars and Actress have been dragged into the controversy related to their clips.

In the same way, another hot topic that has been the talk of the town is related to a lady named Puja Roy from Shyamnagar. People search for the original Video. Before that, let’s find out what the Puja Roy video is all about.

Shyamnagar Puja Roy Leaked Video

As said earlier, a lady named Puja Roy is getting viral online following a leaked video that has been widely shared on multiple social media platforms. 

According to various social media posts, Puja Roy is a lady from Shyamnagar, a beautiful town in Bhatpara Municipality of North 24 Parganas district in the Indian state of West Bengal. 

A lady named Puja Roy from Shyamnagar went viral after her leaked video. ( Source: Twitter )

In the viral Video about a girl from Shyamnagar, we see two ladies having intimate moments with a man. A girl captures the Video of two people, and after one finishes, another gets into the scene.

The explicit Video was first shared on adult sites, and later, it began getting viral on online platforms like Twitter.

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Shyamnagar Puja Roy MMS Goes Viral On Twitter

Puja Roy from Shyamnagar is making headlines following a leaked MMS that has been shared on Twitter. Many unauthorized sites have created news related to this viral Video.

Many of them have shared fake videos that were created just to get people’s attention. There have been records of famous stars engaging in these types of controversy in the past.

Shyamnagar Puja Roy MMS
Shyamnagar Puja Roy’s MMS has been shared widely on Twitter lately. ( Source: Twitter )

We’ve covered much news about it and cleared it for their fans. In the same way, Puja Roy is in the spotlight when a viral news Video shows her doing an explicit scene with a man whose name has not been shared with the tabloids.

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Who Is Puja Roy From Shyamnagar?

Following the viral Video of Puja Roy from Shyamnagar, people online are eager to know about her professional life. However, we cannot give more info as no media outlets have shared the fact.

However, some people on Twitter have said that she is a fashion model from Shyamnagar and is at the peak of her career. Despite that, whether the viral lady Puja Roy is a model can’t be confirmed.

Puja Roy
A YouTube channel made a video related to Puja Roy’s leaked MMS. ( Source: YouTube )

As she makes headlines, we can speculate that Puja may be a social media user. We are trying to get more details about this topic and will keep you updated. 

The Puja Roy leaked Video comes a few days after another lady named Moose Jattana’s Video was leaked online without any facts. 

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