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Video of Taylor Frankie Paul’s arrest surfaces online

A video is circulating on the internet with Taylor Frankie Paul recently revealing that she went ballistic on her boyfriend earlier this month.

Here is everything you need to know.

Taylor Frankie Paul gets arrested for domestic violence 

Taylor Frankie Paul’s latest arrest video is making rounds on social media. In addition, she is facing multiple criminal charges including child abuse and domestic violence.

Moreover, the TikToker is seen crying as she confesses to hitting her boyfriend, Dakota Mortensen after an alleged confrontation between them. The incident supposedly took place in February.

The 10-minute police bodycam footage shows Paul getting arrested on Friday. Additionally, she was seen as a hysterical person with a hammered mind.

The 28-year-old claimed that Mortensen kicked her out of her Utah home and left her in the garage. 

Mortensen on the other hand reasoned by saying, ‘Because she is attacking the c*ap out of me!’

In addition, he confirmed that he was a little scared for his life. Paul also claimed that she is scared of Mortensen and had even peed in her pants out of fear.

Paul can be seen standing outside her house in the video.

She can be heard saying, ‘I pushed him. I hit him. He pushed me into the kids’ stuff, and then I went ballistic because he pushed me so hard. And then I fought back.’

Herriman Police officer’ written declaration about Taylor Frankie Paul’s arrest

A Department officer who arrived at Taylor Frankie Paul’s after receiving the call described the incident.

He said when he arrived, Dakota Mortensen, ‘reported he was in an argument with his girlfriend.’

Subsequently, the officer mentioned that ‘during the argument, Dakota attempted to leave the residence, however [Taylor] began hitting him.’

He went on to note that Paul kicked Mortensen and also placed him in a chokehold. She then went ahead to strike him with a metal bar stool multiple times. 

Moreover, one of them ended up hurting Paul’s 5-year-old daughter Indy who was laying on a couch.

Furthermore, the officer said that Mortensen informed him that before Indy was hit, he asked Paul to stop throwing things at him. He also said that because the child ‘was next to him on the couch.’

Meanwhile, Paul revealed in August 2022 that she is battling with extreme weight loss and depression after her divorce from her former husband, Tate Paul.


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