Anti-woke rapper Jimmy Levy releases Boycott Target song filmed inside a Target

Outspoken rapper Jimmy Levy has hopped aboard the Target boycott bandwagon with the release of a protest song, as the onslaught from online conservatives continues to boil over.

The controversy surrounding retail giants Target shows no signs of de-escalation as we enter the second week of boycott calls being made online. The anger began after a number of conservative commentators took issue with certain items in Target’s 2023 Pride range, prompting an explosion of complaints, allegations and threats being launched at the big box department store chain.

The latest development in the bizarre saga has seen the debate enter the music world, as internet rapper Jimmy Levy has launched an official Target protest song, though he claims the track has fallen victim to censorship.

‘Anti-woke’ rapper releases Boycott Target song

Just in case you thought the Target debacle couldn’t get any more surreal, the controversy is now soundtracked by the musical stylings of Levy, with the help of three like-minded artists.

Levy, alongside fellow rappers/singers Forgiato ‘Mayor Of Magaville’ Blow, Nick Nittoli and Stoney Dudebro dropped the song and accompanying video for Boycott Target on Thursday, May 25, quickly racking up over 130,000 views in just four days.

The video for Boycott Target, which ironically appears to take place inside a Target store, sees Levy and co parade up and down the isles in a shopping cart, stopping to pose with Bullseye, the company mascot, whilst inspecting various products along the way.

Defending the release after a Twitter user expressed disbelief at the fact the song wasn’t satirical, Levy alluded to Target launching a “demonic agenda on our children”.

Jimmy Levy makes censorship claim

Despite the track quickly hitting the six-figure view mark on YouTube, its creator has claimed that the powers that be are conspiring against him to suppress the promotion of the single.

Taking to Twitter, Levy expressed his anguish at what he described as “the MOST censorship on a song” that he had “ever witnessed in (his) life.”

The Rick Ross collaborator alleged that iTunes was hiding the song from its search engine and that Instagram had requested he removes the link to the track from his bio.

HITC has contacted Instagram and Itunes for comment regarding the claims made by Jimmy Levy, though an official response is yet to be received.

Boycott Target drama explained

For those who haven’t been following the rapidly developing saga, the boycott Target drama has been quite a rollercoaster over the last few days.

The phrase first began trending after some shoppers took issue with certain times in Target’s 2023 Pride range, leading to a surge in calls for people to stay clear of the retailer.

Though claims of ‘tuck in’ clothing aimed at children were quickly debunked, many conservatives proceeded to take aim at the designer responsible for the range online, prompting an official response from Target, who stated that they would be removing certain items from the range in order to protect staff safety.

The anti-Target fallout appears to be an extension of the anger that first started back in early April when similar social media personalities began boycotting Bud Light en masse after the beer brand collaborated wit trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

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