Chick-fil-A to keep its doors open for its customers for 2023 Memorial Day

Memorial Day gives people the time to head out with their friends and family members but is Chick-fil-A open on his day?

People have been using Memorial Day as an opportunity to pay tribute to all those individuals who have dedicated their lives to the armed forces.

While some people like to spend time with their friends and family at home there are others who prefer to head out and enjoy some outing, but are there options that are available on this day?

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Is Chick-fil-A open on Memorial Day in 2023?

Yes, Chick-fil-A will be open on Memorial Day. However, the hours might differ depending on the location that you are based in.

To make things easier, you can head to Chick-fil-A’s website and look for a store near you.

We would also advise you to call and check for the working hours before heading out to make sure you are not disappointed when you arrive at the location.

Other places to explore

If you are in the mood to try something else or even go on a little shopping adventure then you are in luck because there are a couple of other places that are keeping their doors open for the customers. Some of these have been listed below:

  1. McDonald‘s
  2. KFC
  3. Aldi
  4. Kmart
  5. Kroger
  6. Publix
  7. Target
  8. Walmart
  9. Whole Foods
  10. Trader Joe’s
  11. Starbucks
  12. Pizza Hut
  13. Home Depot
  14. T.J. Maxx
  15. Ikea
  16. IHOP
  17. Olive Garden
  18. Sam’s Club
  19. CVS
  20. 7-Eleven

Liquor stores are also open across the US but the timings for this might differ based on the state or district that you are in. We advise you to call in advance before driving to any location.

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Things that will be closed

Any government-run office, bank, or court will be closed on this day as Memorial Day is considered to be a Federal Holiday.

At the same time, people will have to wait for a while to receive their packages as Amazon, FedEx, and even UPS pause their delivery for this day.

Costco members will also have to wait for a day as the store does not function on this day. However, it will be back with its usual working hours the following day.

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