“He told me he was traveling abroad” – Lady reveals she discovered her boyfriend married someone else and left her with a baby

A young lady has taken to social media to lament her plight after learning that her lover had abandoned her to marry another woman while leaving her with a child.

The girl claims that they had been dating for three years and that she gave birth to his child in December 2022.

She also sold one of her father’s properties to help her boyfriend, who had informed her that he would be traveling abroad, by providing for him with the proceeds from the sale of her father’s property.

But she bemoaned on her Tiktok page how the young man who had claimed to be leaving the nation for brighter pastures had actually married another woman, leaving her to raise the child by herself.

She wrote;

“So I’ve been dating this guy for three years now, been a understanding and supporting girlfriend to him, Fast forward to this year January, he told me he wanted to travel abroad to learn new update according him. Mind you, I had a baby for him December last year. Guys I legit sold one of my dad’s peace of land just to support him. this guy didn’t travel. rather he got married to another girl and they are expecting a child, leaving I and my daughter.”

Watch the video below,

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