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I loved Ted Lasso’s finale – but it had one fatal flaw

I just finished Ted Lasso’s Season 3 finale – which could very well be the series’ finale – and I’m pleasantly surprised. Ted Lasso managed to produce a satisfactory result, although quite predictable.

Still, my brain kept spinning after the credits rolled, and I began to hope we’d get a definitive version of Ted Lasso’s director soon. While the series was wrapped in a very nice arc, this finale left out some scenes that one would expect to see.

under the Spoiler alert, I’ll explain all of my thoughts on why Ted Lasso’s finale worked, but also how it could be even better. Congratulations to the Apple TV Plus team, though, this was the winner.

Ted Lasso’s finale sparked a huge engagement that didn’t happen

(Image credit: Apple)

I thank the TV gods that Ted Lasso didn’t fulfill the wishes of some fans. Find the phraseTedbecaonline, and you’ll find that some viewers have been craving for Ted (Jason Sudeikis) and Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) will be a thing.

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