Inauguration: Security Top Of My Priorities – Tinubu

The newly inaugurated president of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has assured Nigerians that the security of lives and properties will be the top priority of his administration.

Tinubu disclosed this while delivering his speech at the inauguration ceremony at the Eagle Square in Abuja, on Monday.

According to him, “Security shall be the top priority of my administration because neither prosperity nor justice can prevail amid insecurity and violence”.

He added that to effectively tackle the prevalent situation of insecurity, his administration would reform both the security structure and architecture of the nation.

“We shall invest more in our security personnel and this means an increase in number of personnel,” he said.

He further assured Nigerians that his government shall provide better training equipment and manpower for the various security agencies to fight insecurity.

According to the National Security Tracker (NST), the country has recorded a total of 58,756 deaths and 17,208 kidnaps since 2015 to date.

A breakdown of the data showed that over 20,000 civilians and 4,269 state actors make up the record of those killed within the period in review.

The country, however, recorded the death of over 14,250 non-state actors within the same period.

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