Kano Gov. vows to pursue missing journalist, Abubakar Dadiyata’s case

The Governor of Kano State, Abba Kabir Yusuf, has vowed to take up the case of the journalist, Abubakar Dadiyata, who has been missing since 2019.

The newly sworn-in Governor made the vow on his official Twitter handle, @Kyusufabba.

He tweeted: “Earlier, in my inaugural address, I stated that we cannot forget the case of our respected member and supporter, Abubakar Dadiyata, who was whisked away in broad daylight by unknown elements more than three years ago.

“The Kano State Government will take up his case with all relevant security agencies in the country so as to rescue him and bring those responsible to justice.”

Recall that Dadiyata went missing on August 2, 2019, when unidentified men seized him from his residence in Barnawa neighbourhood of Kaduna State.

He was known for criticizing the ruling political party, APC.

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