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Kingdom Tears players are finding amazing uses for cooking utensils

Tears of the Kingdom’s Portable Cooking Pot is a tool that, as its name suggests, was originally designed for fixing food on the go. However, a Reddit user recently discovered its additional hidden functionality as an excellent ball-and-socket joint, which gives Zonai designs superior flexibility and allows individual parts to fit together in a remarkably flexible fashion.

Just a few days ago, a Reddit user named OneRunNoita shared a video Showcasing all the amazing uses of this new concept. We can see how the tires become more “springy” in their video by having the pots act like rubber joints between the tire and the platform it attaches to.

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We can also witness how cookware-equipped tires are now able to “absorb” or “accommodate” pressure with ease and easily return to position with a perfect bouncy motion.

These joints can even be used on the vehicle’s joysticks, making it easy to steer the vehicle in any direction. They also make sure that multiple wheels on the same chassis can rub against each other and continue onto the truck without a hitch or jam, all thanks to the flexibility of their “hinged” cookware. In addition, the cookware can also be used as a car suspension, which is a much-needed feature for Zonai-designed vehicles, as we discussed earlier.

this video by k0mbine is a perfect demonstration of how suspension can completely change the way a vehicle moves in Kingdom Tears. Before the addition of the suspension bowl, the car would slide up, but the tires would not adjust or adapt to the upward motion, continuing to face forward as if on a flat surface. Once the player added the necessary suspension parts from the auto build feature, the car started to slide in any direction the player wanted without much resistance from the ground or the car.

There are some special tricks to make this possible, because k0mbine was nice enough Explain. The bowl must be installed upside down. Players also need to stick the yellow axes or circles of each small wheel on each of the handles of the pots, on top of attaching a stabilizer and a wooden wheel to the joystick for balance.

We are also provided with reference photos, but the most bizarre is probably how the user designed some kind of vertical ramp? Perhaps some dedicated fans will end up turning Zelda into their own racing/skateboarding game, and Hyrule is certainly big enough for that possibility.

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