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Kingdom’s Tears: Where to find Zonaite

To be able to craft your own Zonai charges and crystallized charges in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you will need to find the Zonaite gem in a few caves and depths.

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The ability to create these two items will be very useful for your travels, as it will allow you to obtain Zonai devices, including fans, portable cooking pots, flame emitters and wings. In this guide, we will direct you to the easiest locations to find Zonaite around the world.

Updated by Christina Rove on May 30, 2023: After exploring the depths and other locations on the map, we found a few more locations to find a large amount of Zonaite and added them here.

Mining cave

At the start of the game, you will be in The great sky island above Hyrule. There are many caves here where you will find a lot of important gems that can be used Zonai devices and improve your weapons. the Mining cave It is where you will easily be able to find some Zonaite at first. This is in The southern area of ​​Great Sky Island, just above the Awakening Room, It is the first site you find yourself on. You can find The entrance to the mining cave pictured above, With mining carts and fans outside. It will be below the exit from the Awakening Room.

As you make your way deeper into the cave, you will notice large, shiny boulders. When you crack these slots, they will save you a few Zonaite. Remember to use a claymore or rock to break it.

Image of parts of Zonaite after it was broken in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

you can use Link’s Fuse ability To take one of your existing weapons and combine it with a nearby rock if you don’t have a weapon to break these yet. There are sure to be a few in the area, and once Fusion is established, You will be able to hit rocks multiple times to get your Zonaite. We managed to find a lot of Zonaite in the entire cave, so make sure you break every rock you find.

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Senonwick Lightrot

Another suggested place where you can find a ton of Zonaite is within the depths below Hyrule. When you defeat enemies in the depths, you will get a little Zonaite in return. However, there is also Some enemy camps that have tons of zonites for you to farm.

You’ll want to start at Sinonoyk Lightroot, found in the middle of the bathymetric map. Just south of Lightroot, you’ll find two Bokoblin camps that will allow you to farm over 20 Zonaite. Campsites can be found in the two map images above. Not only will defeating enemies give you some Zonaite, but if you destroy the sparkling boulders in the area, they will also provide you with materials.

Nosemac Lightroot

As you can probably tell by now, Zonaite is found mostly in the sky and depths rather than on the surface. Another place you can visit would be South of the former Sinonoyk Lightroot, at Nuzimak Lightroot.

From Nuzimak Lightroot, there will be A couple of Pokoblin camps to the north and west, Shown on the map images above. All of these will have at least 10 Zoneites to add to your collection. There will be another area A little further north is Camp Pokobelin With a group of big trees. In this section, you will be able to find a lot of rocks that you can unlock to get Zonaite as well.

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Forge Construction

Image of a forge boat found in a mining cave in The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom's Tears.

Near the end of the mining cave, you will find a few different constructions near one of the roads. Approach the Construct at the Forge and talk to them to unlock the heal. They will be able to take the Zonaite you have collected and converting it into an amorphous charge or a zonai charge. One Zonai Charge will require 2 Zonaitewhile a Crystallized charging will require 3.

Image of the location on the hardware dealer map in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

You can pick up items from the table next to the forge to add to your inventory. then, After the Gutanbac Shrine in the eastern area of ​​Great Sky Island, you will find a hardware distributor. With this, you can enter Zonai charges or build horns to get capsule Zonai devices in contrast. This will allow you to use Zonai devices all over the world, as you can deploy them from their capsule whenever you want. Be sure to save up on Zonaite when you visit the caves, so you can stock up on Zonaite devices for your next adventure.

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