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Exposed: Linus Williams Ifejika Blord Owner of Billpoint Payment App is Fraudster (Receipts Attached)

Popular Facebook Influencer Chukwudi Iwuchukwu Accuses (Linus Williams Ifejika) Blord | Bitcoin Lord of Fraud

The story you are about to read sounds like a scene out of a Nollywood movie.

A blockbuster of a story that sounds more or less like fiction, the type of story that wordsmith Chinua Achebe weaved when he was alive, but is a true story that shows the danger of Yahoo Yahoo and the evil that it represents.

Linus Williams commonly known as B-Lord or Bitcoin Lord
Linus Williams commonly known as B-Lord or Bitcoin Lord

Late last year, Mr. Clem (whose real name is protected for security reasons) was given a briefing by his boss.
The brief was simple.
Please help us purchase a company car, and the money for that purpose was released to him as well.
Before he got the funds from his boss, he had been seeing an online ad on Instagram for a car company purportedly based abroad.

The link to the page is attached HERE
The problem they solve and their proposition are simple.
They help Nigerians living in Nigeria buy and ship cars at an affordable rate from the US. In fact, their price is too good to be true, and so Mr. Clem believed them to be a real business.

His mind went to them as he made a mental note to patronize them with the money in his account.
Once the money was paid by the finance department of the company where he works, he went to the website of the auto company to be sure that it was real.
The link to the website is attached HERE

What he saw on the website convinced him that the business was real, and so he went to their Instagram to transact with them.
The business WhatsApp number was shared with him by the person he was chatting with on Instagram, which made the conversation go on WhatsApp instead of Instagram, where it started.
He selected the car he wanted based on the pictures of cars that were sent to him on WhatsApp.
On January 23, 2023, an account detail was provided by the person he was chatting with this time around on WhatsApp, and this is the account number that was provided.

BLord Real Estate

The sum of 2.4 million naira was transferred, and evidence of the payment is attached below.
After the payment was made and confirmed, a bill of landing (which is attached below) was sent to him with the promise that the car would arrive in Nigeria on April 5.

What Mr. Clem did not know at that time is that he was dealing with scammers, known as Yahoo Yahoo Boys in this part of the world.


Linus Williams Ifejika Blord Scammer2
Linus Williams Ifejika Blord Scammer3
Linus Williams Ifejika Blord Scammer4

Stay with me as we continue the story.
Excited that he has gotten a good deal for his company, which would come with a pat on the back for a job well done, Mr. Clem approached a clearing and forwarding agent who will help him clear the car when it arrives on our shores on April 5.

The sum of 1.3 million was paid to the agent, and then the bill of landing, sent by the car company, was also shared with the clearing agent.

The clearing agent, upon seeing the bill of landing and being a veteran in this business, knew that the bill of landing document was fake, but to be sure, he went to his computer and input the number in the document, at least to trace the car and know where it was at that moment.
The result came back negative, showing that the bill of lading is fake and that no car has been shipped as promised by the auto dealers in America.

That was when it dawned on Mr. Clem that he had been defrauded.
Panic-stricken Mr. Clem went to WhatsApp to complain and ask what was going on, only to discover that he had been blocked on WhatsApp and Instagram.
Having run out of options on what to do, he went to the bank. To Zenith Bank, his bank, and then UBA, where the money was sent.

The two banks, after doing their investigation, told him that the account that received his inflow belonged to a man named Linus Maxwell Ifejiaka.
He had not heard that name before, so he went to Google to search for who the person was.
Linux Maxwell Ifejiaka was traced to Instagram, where he is an infleuncer and claims to be a Bitcoin vendor. He is popularly known as Blord.

Mr. Cleim, who is under pressure from his boss, has sent several messages to Blord to return his money, but his messages for help have not been opened by the acclaimed and popular bitcoin vendor.
A search conducted by me on CAC to know the directors behind Blord real estate came up with the result that Linus Maxwell iFEJIAKA is the majority director and owner of the real estate company that exists primarily to defraud naive people on Instagram.

So it is established that Blord owns the company that defrauded Mr. Clem.
Mr. Clem’s wife is my friend, and we graduated from Madonna University together. She has been inconsolable since this incident happened.
We spoke this morning, and she was crying over the phone, wondering why Blord chose to defraud her husband in this manner.

Her husband has suddenly emaciated, an old shadow of himself who spent his evening moody and lost in thoughts, she told me in between the tears.
It is more painful to see this guy living large on Instagram on other people’s wealth and expenses,” she said before dropping the line.

I called a junior police officer in Anambra State, where Blord is based, as I was writing this and narrated the story to him.

He shouted when I told him what happened.
“Blord again”
This is the 19th time I’ve heard about his scam case, and it is in the same local format: using a fraudulent car website based in America to scam innocent people.

Why has he not been arrested?
I asked

Blord is well known and connected in this state.
He is a big spender who knows everybody in the police from the top to the DPO, so it will be hard to arrest him.
I sighed and dropped the phone.

The same Blord that has a car website that scams innocent people recently launched a payment app to collect your data because he wants to scale his Yahoo business. Naive, you went to download the app and foolishly input your sensitive details.

Emeka! Clap for yourself; you are doing well, my brother.
Mr. Clem is currently under pressure because his boss has given him an ultimatum: either return the company money or the police will get involved.

He is helpless as I write this, as help seems to be far away from him.
Here again is a sample of the havoc that Yahoo wrecks in our society.

An innocent man is being punished and going through mental torture because Blord wants to live large on Instagram.

Last month, a vendor that Azubuike Ihemeje hired on Facebook to provide exotic animals for his hotel project defrauded my good man.

Even our best and finest have fallen victim to these guys and are not spared.
But regardless, the lesson from this story is simple.

1) Do your background check well before you send money to any online vendor.
Online businesses have provided jobs for thousands of our young people and lifted many from poverty, but Yahoo boys and girls have found a way to penetrate this niche in order to scam innocent people.
This is why we need to be more careful and put on our thinking caps when dealing with online vendors.

Blord supporters insulted me last night and called me all kinds of names, including “Anywhere Belle Face.”
I take all that in stride as the price to pay for speaking out against this cancer that is destroying the fabric holding us together, as I’m sure I have not defrauded anybody in my life before and am not planning to do so any time soon.

The truth is this:

We can’t continue like this, and by God’s grace, justice will be done for Mr. Clem.

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