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New Jersey attorney arrested for rape in Boston 15 years ago

Attorney Matthew Nilo was arrested in New Jersey for the 2007-08 Charlestown rape

Attorney Matthew Nilo was arrested in New Jersey for the 2007-08 Charlestown rape


A New Jersey lawyer was arrested Wednesday for a series of rapes he was accused of committing in Boston more than a decade ago, CBS Boston mentioned.

Boston police said Matthew Nilo, 35, was arrested in Weehawken, just outside New York City, in connection with four sexual assaults that occurred in Boston’s Charlestown neighborhood over two days in 2007 and two days in 2008, CBS Boston reported. .

“This is without a doubt a major break in this investigation that has haunted the survivors of these sexual assaults, the residents of Charlestown and the Boston Police Department for years,” said Joe Bonavolonta, the FBI agent in charge of the case. Press Conference.

CBS Boston reported that the FBI used relatively new genetic genealogy technology to help identify Nilo. Investigative genealogy, also known as forensic genealogy, combines DNA analysis with genealogical research by combing through public databases to try and find possible relatives. This technique was used last year to select a The murder victim known as the “Lady of the Dunes” 50 years after her murder. Until last year, she was the oldest unidentified murder victim in Massachusetts.

“While we know Mr. Nilo’s arrest today cannot erase the damage he is alleged to have inflicted on survivors, we believe we have removed a serious threat from our community,” Bonavolonta said.

CBS Boston reported that Nilo is charged with three counts of aggravated rape, two counts of kidnapping, one count of assault with intent to rape, and one count of indecent assault and battery.

“This arrest also highlights the fact that investigators never stop analyzing evidence, gathering information, and reducing evidence in order to bring dangerous criminals to justice,” Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden told reporters.

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