Our parents struggling to feed us, Tinubu should improve economy – Children

Ahead of the inauguration of the President-elect, Bola Tinubu, and his deputy, Kashim Shettima, on May 29, 2023, a cross-section of children tell TEMITOPE ADETUNJI, EMMANUEL OJO and FATTEH HAMID their expectations from the incoming administration

Incoming govt should make life comfortable for the underprivileged – Akpovbovbo

What are your expectations from the incoming government?

My name is Oghenemise Akpovbovbo. I am 10 years old. I am from Delta State. I am a Basic Five pupil. As a Nigerian child, my expectations are quite high. I would love the incoming government to make Nigeria a country that we will be proud of and maybe create good public schools, provide them with textbooks and learning aids and provide food for the poor. I want the government to make life comfortable for those that are not living a comfortable life. Also, as a Nigerian child, I can’t afford to hear about the death of innocent people every day and that is something that no Nigerian wants. So, I want the incoming government to make Nigeria a better place, so that when we travel to other nations of the world, Nigerians will be respected and not disgraced.

Are there other aspects you want the incoming government to improve on?

Yes. I would love food prices to be reduced. I want it to make education cheaper and encourage the poor to have a place in education. There should also be discounts on food prices on special occasions. I also want electricity to be available at all times, even at night, so that children can enjoy cartoons.

Tinubu govt should make healthcare affordable – Oyedele

What do you think the new administration should focus on?

My name is Okikijesu Oyedele. I am eight years old. I am from Osun State. I am in Basic Four now but will be in Basic Five this year (in September). My suggestion is for the (new) government to make the environment clean, to pay the hospital bills of people who don’t have money. Most importantly, it should make sure that the schools give children a good education.

Are there things that the outgoing government did that you didn’t like and that you want the new government to improve on?

When (the President, Major General Muhammadu) Buhari was there, I didn’t like the way he managed the environment. The new government should just make the environment good and pay good salaries.

Tinubu govt should improve electricity – God’s Glory

What are your expectations from the new government?

My name is God’s Glory Agboola. I am nine years old and I’m in basic three. I am from Osun State. I expect the incoming government to provide for underprivileged children in society and to look into electricity. I want the incoming government to finish the ongoing work on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway to make life easier for children and their parents (plying the road).

Buhari govt weak, Tinubu should address challenges – Onaolapo

What is your thought on the administration of the outgoing President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.)?

I am Fawziyyah Onaolapo. I am 11 years old, from Oyo State. Buhari’s administration was weak in my opinion and it didn’t favour our economy. Let me give an example. During the naira crisis, no one could go out to the bank to withdraw money. My parents couldn’t give me pocket money for school. They had money in the bank but not at hand; they couldn’t withdraw it. They complain that the salaries they are paid are little and even after promoting them, their salaries weren’t increased. What is the essence of promotion when they continue to collect the same little amount of money they have been collecting?

What would you like to see from the administration of the President-elect, Bola Tinubu, when he is sworn in on May 29, 2023?

I would like (the incoming) President, Bola Tinubu, to work on the weak areas in President Buhari’s administration regarding civil servants at the state and federal levels so that my parents will have enough to take care of me and the rest of the family.

Tinubu should address insecurity, improve sports – God’s Praise

As a Nigerian child, what do you think the President-elect, Bola Tinubu, should focus on after he is sworn in as President?

My name is God’s Praise Agboola and I’m nine years old. I’m from Osun State, Nigeria. I am in Basic Three. I expect the new government to provide vocational facilities like football academies and also to look into the insecurity challenges in the country. I also want the government to improve the educational system to match international standards so that citizens of Nigeria can stop running abroad.

My parents became unemployed under Buhari – Balogun

What do you want the incoming President to do to improve the lives of Nigerians?

My name is Shukroh Balogun. I am eight years old, from Oyo State and in Basic Four. I think the Buhari administration was not good enough for Nigerians. My parents complain about the economic aspect of the country. They said things were very cheap before his administration started. My dad and mum always say that they don’t have money. They were employed as N-Power volunteers hoping to gain full Federal Government employment since they are graduates, only to be dumped and made unemployed. I want them to be empowered. I hear my parents saying nothing is as sweet as being your boss. I want the administration to assist them financially so that they can have their business and employ people who will work for them.

Life tough under Buhari – Abdulrahman

What is your thought on the administration of the outgoing President?

I am Abdulrahman Jimoh. I am 10 years old and in Primary Four. I am from Kwara State. Buhari didn’t do well at all, especially during the naira crisis. Everything was tough. Petrol has also become costly. The President didn’t do well at all. Roads are bad without repair. Hopefully, Tinubu will do well.

How did the Buhari regime affect you?

I didn’t like it at all. Everything was tough. My parents are struggling financially under his administration and are unable to take care of me as they want to. Paying my school fees is tough. Things are hard under this administration. Tinubu should make education even freer for us, and petrol and kerosene pump prices should also become cheaper. He should also prioritise making foodstuffs cheaper for us in the country. If he can achieve these goals, the country will become more peaceful and we will prosper.

People fleeing Nigeria for greener pastures –Haishah

hat do you want the Tinubu administration to do for you?

I am Haishah Hamzat. I am 12 years old and in JSS Two. I don’t like my parent’s financial status under the Buhari administration. I would like Tinubu to fund my dad’s poultry and fishery business so that he can fund my education as he is supposed to. My thoughts on the Buhari administration are that it’s not been favourable as many businesses have been shut down and people are leaving Nigeria for other countries. I miss my cousins and nephews who left the country with their parents for a greener pasture. There’s no improvement in the way of life of Nigerians, people are losing their jobs, and there’s no proper healthcare.

I expect the new govt to fix roads, power – Adebayo

What are the challenges you have faced under Buhari’s regime?

My name is Jesutofunmi Adebayo, I am eight years old, and I am in Primary Four. I am from Kwara State. The challenges I have faced as a child are bad electricity, bad roads, and inadequate resources.

What are your expectations from the new administration?

I want the government to give us a better life as children, better education, and a good educational environment that will help us to learn quickly. I want the government to help us with good roads to reduce accidents, good electricity is also important to help us to read at night before going to bed.

New administration should ensure no child lacks education – Richard-Ajiboye


What are the challenges children are facing in Nigeria?

My name is Modebareoluwa Richard-Ajiboye. I am in Primary Five. I am nine years old, and I am from Kwara State. Some of my mates are not in school because their parents cannot afford to pay their school fees. There is inadequate security, resulting in kidnapping. The inadequacy of the power supply is a concern for us. The country is not safe for everyone.

What are your expectations from the new administration?

The new administration should ensure that no child lacks education. Education is important.

The new administration should provide a good and strong security system so that we will stop living in fear. It should provide us with a good power supply and fuel at affordable prices.

Incoming govt should unite the country – Ojugo

What do you want the new administration to focus on?

My name is Ojugo Treasure. I am from Esan West in Edo State. I’m 10 years old and I’m in Primary Five. Things are very expensive now; some of our educational materials are not affordable for every child, especially the underprivileged. There is an increase in the prices of foodstuffs and the insecurity is alarming. There are bad road networks, a lack of good power supply, scarcity of money, economic crisis, and kidnapping. Some children have been kidnapped due to insecurity. Unemployment is also a challenge. The new administration should be able to set up an economic scheme that will look into the areas of food and job creation for the youth. Power supply should be constant. The government should address the insecurity in the country. It should also address corruption and drug abuse/

 I want the incoming government to build more public schools across the 36 states of the federation, including the Federal Capital Territory. I also want the incoming government to unite the country together so that there will be peace and unity in Nigeria.

New govt should improve medical sector – Akinkahunsi

What are the challenges you want the incoming government to fix?

My name is Abisire Akinkahunsi. I am nine years old, and I am from Ondo State. I am in Basic Four. It was during the Buhari regime that I heard about the Boko Haram killing, and the level of insecurity is too high. There is unemployment, naira scarcity, kidnapping, and a poor educational system. My expectations from the new regime are an improved medical sector, an improved security system in Nigeria, and a reduction in unemployment. We now have irresponsible youths because they don’t have jobs. Armed robbery is now common and people are scared. The new government should reduce corruption.

Tinubu should fix economy, educational system – Adeolu

Which areas do you think require the urgent attention of the President-elect?

My name is Oyerinde Adeolu. I am 10 years old, and I am in Basic Five. I am from the Oshodi/Isolo Local Government Area of Lagos State. I expect a better government, easy access to roads, money, and fixing of the economic sector. I want stable electricity and a good educational system. The lack of money is the challenge I faced as a child. There are times my parents have to struggle to get foodstuffs and pay my school fees. It is not easy, and I feel very bad about the situation.

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