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Role Of The Breadwinner Not Limited By Gender – Berbiedoll

Top Nigerian brand influencer and model, Christiana Kayode a.k.a. Berbiedoll believes in gender equality, at least, when it comes to opportunities and responsibilities. Berbiedoll, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Berbie Beauty Line, told our reporter in a recent chat that the role of the breadwinner in a family should not be limited by gender. According to her, “In a modern society, both men and women have the potential to be the primary earners in a family, depending on various factors such as personal preferences, skills and economic circumstances. It is essential to recognize that gender roles and expectations are evolving, and the decision regarding who should be the breadwinner should be based on the individual’s abilities, aspirations, and agreements within the family. “Equality and fairness should be the guiding principles when determining the distribution of financial responsibilities within a family. It is important to consider factors such as career goals, earning potential, personal fulfilment, and family dynamics when making decisions about the division of labour and financial roles. So, the role of the breadwinner in a family is not limited by gender.” Berbiedoll is into everything that has to do with beauty, including sales of glosses, weight loss tea, contact lens, waist trainer and so on. Berbiedoll has worked with brands like Etisalat, Highlystylish, Glo, Fabboutiique, Hairres , Cm Luxury Hair, Girly Closette, to mention a few. She also had a brief stint as a video model and appeared in music videos like “Woju” by Kizz Daniel and “Like a Party” by Burna Boy. She did a couple of funny video skits too with Sydney Talker and Nasty Blaq. She even at one time had her own TV show on DSTV channel 189 “Pop Central” known as “Chef Corner” with Chef Bee and Chef Jazzy Her primary job is basically brand and style influencing other people’s brands, ranging from hair brands, clothing brands, shoe brands and many more.

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