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Silent Hill news may be imminent

We may get more information about future Silent Hill games very soon. Silent Hill is one of gaming’s most beloved horror franchises, but it’s been missing from the zeitgeist for quite some time. The series was in its heyday in the early 2000s, but died out in the 2010s. Part of the reason for this is because Konami has largely abandoned AAA games in favor of things like mobile games and other more reliable and profitable business strategies. The publisher also canceled Silent Hills, a new game from Hideo Kojima after a dispute between the two parties. It’s widely regarded as one of the best cases of “what could have been” in gaming, and Konami could never have lived that way.

However, Konami made it clear last year that Silent Hill will return and be bigger than ever. There will be a new movie, weird interactive events, several new games, and remakes of classic entries in the franchise. The direction the series goes is definitely interesting, but since then, Konami has been silent on the radio about what comes next. Some speculated we’d hear more at the PlayStation Showcase, but that didn’t happen. A Summer Game Festival appearance is also likely out of the question, as host Jeff Kelly doesn’t seem interested in working with Konami after falling out with good friend Hideo Kojima. However, more Silent Hill news may be just around the corner. like Spotted by ResetEra user AngieWe could get new Silent Hill info in May, but since we’re in the last couple of days of the month, this will likely move to June, the Silent Hill Transmission host asked Selena in a now-deleted tweet.

similarly, Silent Hill Dusk Golem Note that they’ve seen the new trailers for the upcoming Silent Hill projects and said we’ll get a proper look at them before Summer Game Fest in early June. With that said, looks like we could get some Silent Hill news, very son.

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