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Stranger Things Star Caleb McLaughlin Provides Season 5 Update (Special)

The hit Netflix show is preparing to embark on its final journey. Weird things Season 5 has been in pre-production for nearly ten months now, with series creators The Duffer Brothers beginning the scripting process last August. Work came in the fifth round after the resounding success of Weird things Season 4, which aired on Netflix in two parts last summer. while each Weird things The installment builds on its predecessor, the cliffhanger ending of Hawkins’ season 4 decked out before the Invasion of the Upside Down in this final eight episode serves as the direct sequel to the entire series.

Speaking to while promoting Peacock’s Shooting starsco-star Caleb McLaughlin indicated that he had not read the Weird things Season 5 script so far but has a general idea of ​​what’s to come.

“I didn’t get a chance [to read the script] But I have an idea of ​​what will happen. “I know a few things,” McLaughlin said. For now, we’re supporting writers. I think it will be fine, though. I think it will be really good. I think people will be happy. I don’t know much of what’s going to happen, but until the writers’ strike is over, I’ll be able to get more information.”

As McLaughlin points out, the WGA writers’ strike took its toll Weird things Production of the fifth season. The Duffer Brothers noted that the scripts were tentatively complete but would be fine-tuned during filming, meaning the cameras couldn’t begin rolling until the writers’ strike was over.

“The writing doesn’t stop when the photography starts,” Dovers to publish On the Weird things Book room account on Twitter. “While we’re excited to start production with our amazing cast and crew, that just isn’t possible during this strike. Hopefully a fair deal will be struck soon so we can all get back to work. Until then – again and again. #wgastrong.”

This ultimately delays production indefinitely, which was originally set to begin in June according to star David Harbour.

“We’re going into Season 5,” Harbor said in March. “I’ve got two more months to train.” We started filming it in June, though, and that will be the last season. I did a lot of rehearsals for Season 4. He [Hopper] He was in a very specific situation, that Russian prison.”

McLaughlin can be seen at Shooting stars This Friday is when Peacock begins airing.

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