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Succession star Brian Cox pens a farewell letter after the series finale

Logan Roy may have died in the third episode of Successionfinal season, but his shadow loomed large over the series until the very end. The character’s sheer strength, even in death, had a lot to do with the amazing performance of Brian Cox. Help the Emmy Award-winning actor make the transition Succession In a giant television game over four seasons. Now that the series is over, the actor behind Logan Roy is looking back on the experience and will be grateful.

Succession The series finale aired on Sunday night, bringing the story of Roy’s family to a close. On Monday, Cox took to Instagram to share a quick note, thanking fans and those he’s worked with on the series.

“We’ve now come to the end,” Cox wrote in the post. And what was, in my career, certainly the greatest working experience ever. The chemistry between the crew and the cast was truly amazing. It was on its way to becoming a great series, but the love and commitment from the crew to the cast and writers, made it so memorable. I want to thank all of us in making And create this show from the bottom of my heart.”

Succession It ended with its fourth season, coming out while at the top of its game and choosing not to overstay its welcome. However, many people think that there is still some life in the tank. Kieran Culkin, who stars in the series as Romain Roy, has mixed feelings about more episodes to come.

“I knew this wasn’t the kind of show that could go on and on. I always thought five seasons,” Culkin shared during a conversation with Taika Waititi. Interview Journal. “It was just a number in my head. I remember, near the end of the third season, ‘I’m worried about entering a territory we’re in.’” Successions. Then when Season 4 happened, the first two episodes, I remember reading scripts and thinking, ‘Okay, this feels a little… Succession-s. It’s very good, but I’m a little worried about it. then who [Episode 3] In, this season is very different, which is exciting, but it makes me feel like, ‘There can’t be [Season 5]Now that the show is kinda different? I want to see what else happens and there could be something very good. Jesse knows that.”

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