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The Red Door reveals a new image for the return of Patrick Wilson’s franchise

One of the big upcoming horror movies this year is Sony Insidious: The Red Door, featuring the likes of Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne returning to the franchise as Josh and Renai Lambert. Set hold after events Insidious: Chapter 2the film is said to follow the return of the franchise’s oldest demons as they haunt Josh and his son Dalton (Ty Simpkins), who is now off to college.

In addition to the first trailer for the movie, Sony also released a marketing trailer that still features Wilson’s return. Although not much was revealed in the image itself, Wilson Lambert’s patriarch appears to have once again found himself in a dark place staring menacingly offscreen.

The film also features Wilson’s directorial debut, as he takes the helms of the franchise from Insidious: The Last KeyAdam Robitel. According to producer James Wan, Wilson’s work on the film will take fans back to the days when Leigh Whannell directed frnachise films.

“Well, we all love Patrick. I made a movie or two with this guy,” Wan said of his longtime collaborator last year. “But I’m so excited about what Patrick is doing with Insidious. One of the things I love most about working with Patrick Wilson is that we don’t actually talk about the movie we’re making. The movies we loved growing up, because Patrick and I are from roughly the same generation. We’re constantly talking about John.” Carpenter Big problem in little China And all these movies. Patrick reminds me a bit of Leigh Whannell in that they’re not just actors cutting anything; They are also filmmakers. They are movie buffs, and because they are movie buffs, they look at acting from the point of view of the final form of film. This actually helps inform them as filmmakers. So I’m always really excited when people like Leigh Whannell and Patrick Wilson want to jump behind the camera.”

Insidious: The Red Door Opens only in theaters July 7 from Sony Pictures Releasing.

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