Who is Kenzie Hansen? Meet Big Brother season 23 winner Xavier Prather’s fiancé as the duo get engaged

Big Brother season 23 champ, Xavier Prather, who fans got to be aware in 2021, is locked in. The truth star took to web-based entertainment to report his commitment to Kenzie Hansen as he asked about tying the knot at Amazing Rapids, Michigan where the two were subsequently joined by certain loved ones.

Kenzie is a pediatric muscular expert, and the two initially showed up on one another’s virtual entertainment takes care of last year around Halloween. They were spruced up as Frozone and Elastigirl for the event.

Big Brother will get back to screens with season 25 on August 2, 2023, at 8 pm ET on CBS.

Big Brother season 23 broadcasted in 2021 and saw Xavier Prather bring back home the award. While on the show, numerous female cast individuals communicated their advantage in Prather be that as it may, he didn’t show interest in anybody specific.

Fans additionally believed that Xavier and Alyssa Lopez could ultimately get together since he appeared to have eyes for her, however nothing at any point occurred there.

Notwithstanding, over a year after the CBS show broadcasted, Xavier went Instagram official with his then-sweetheart Kenzie Hansen as the two spruced up for Halloween. Yet again the two as of late took to virtual entertainment to share the fresh insight about their commitment.

From 2013 to 2017, Kanzie Hansen was an understudy at Michigan State College where she procured a four year certification in science and human science. She got back to the college three years after the fact and procured her alumni confirmation in clinical neuroscience with a 4.0 grade.

The Big Brother alum’s life partner began functioning as a parttime ophthalmic professional at the Verdier Eye Center followed by her experience as a scholarly and formative handicaps guardian at Regal Consideration Connection LLC in 2017.

Kanzie then, at that point, began working at Corewell Heath, where she has been for the beyond five years and plays worked in different parts, including a grown-up basic consideration nursing colleague, and pediatric muscular professional.

Big Brother alum’s life partner has different confirmations and licenses, including Deals: Shutting Techniques, The Headspace Manual for Careful Business days, Clinical Phrasing, Affirmed Nursing Aide, and Essential Life Backing for Medical services Suppliers.

The CBS show is set to get back with season 25 in August 2023 and will highlight Julie Chen Moonves as the host. The show will probably air three times each week on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursday evenings at 8 pm ET, and keeping in mind that it is muddled how long the excursion will be for, assuming it follows season 24, it will traverse 82 days. As per March, the show will see the cast vie for a terrific award of potentially $750,000. The distribution further finds out about season 25:

“For the sum of the time, houseguests live in a two-story house furnished with 94 HD cameras and in excess of 113 receivers, recording everything they might do 24 hours per day. The house is situated on CBS Studio Center sound stage 18 in Los Angeles.”

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