Why I Will Keep Apologizing On Behalf Of ‘Obidients’ – Peter Obi

The Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate in the 2023 election, Peter Obi, has insisted he would continue to apologize on behalf of his supporters, popularly known as ‘Obidients’.

Naija News reports that Peter Obi made this known on the Parallel Facts Media Twitter Space programme held on Sunday, May 28, 2023.

During the media chat, a supporter urged the former Anambra State governor to stop apologizing on behalf of the ‘Obidients’ irrespective of how the opposition parties caution him to call his supporters to order.

However, Peter Obi asserted that there is nothing wrong in apologizing and it’s part of the new Nigeria many are yearning for.

According to him, his style of leadership might be perceived as a weakness, nevertheless, he would not stop apologizing.

He said, “I will continue to apologize on behalf of the family because it is part of the new Nigeria we want to build. Where people can assert themself and say, you are wrong, because I’m not perfect, and I apologize where necessary.

“I want us to build a family where we can be together, even when we are talking about a new Nigeria, people say Peter Obi can do it and I say, I won’t do it alone. If we have succeeded, we would bring the best people on board, and if we find anybody wanting we won’t even take a second to throw the person overboard and move on with another new person because things must work.

“I have worked in a system where I tell people to challenge me. We are co-partners in this struggle all I assure you is that you will not find me wanting. My style might appear to be weak and I always tell people that humility is not a weakness. It is a virtue and there is nothing wrong in saying I’m sorry and I will continue to say it. We would get there, as long as I don’t do what would offend the family, I have a bit of my own style and I allow people to do theirs as well”

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