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WWE’s Tiffany Stratton wanted a rematch for the NXT Women’s Championship before Indy Hartwell left for Monday Night Raw

WWE NXT Superstar Tiffany Stratton is now part of the WWE 2K23 lineup, joining the roster as part of The Pretty Sweet DLC pack alongside The OC’s Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, and Pretty Deadly’s Elton Prince and Kit Wilson. Stratton is one of several notable NXT superstars who made their way into the game for the first time, so it’s pretty impressive that her WWE 2K debut score is 80. That actually puts her above NXT Women’s Champion Indy Hartwell.’s Matt Aguilar recently had the opportunity to speak with Stratton about the rating and Hartwell, and while Stratton was happy with the rating, she wishes there was a rematch with Hartwell for the championship before Hartwell moved to Monday Night Raw.

When it was said that Stratton’s score of 80 was better than Hartwell’s, Stratton looked at it as confirmation that fans loved her more than Hartwell, and now all she needs is the WWE Championship. “I mean, of course, she speaks for herself. The fans don’t lie. She was clearly the hero, and I think she’s still considered the hero,” Stratton said. “I feel like I should have faced her again before I got called up so I could have been a champion, but I definitely feel like the fans love me more than her and I feel like I need that title now.”

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When asked how she felt about WWE NXT’s championship approach to the new NXT Women’s Championship, Stratton understands why they chose that approach. However, while she understands giving others a chance to shine, Stratton also feels this will highlight how ready she is for the limelight.

“I mean they want to give all the girls their chances. I get that, but I mean it’s just more opportunities to show that I’m ready and I think it gives other girls chances to prove they have potential, but they’ll never compare to me. But yeah, I’m slowly making my way up and hopefully in Battleground Stratton said.

Speaking of NXT Battleground, to make it to the finals, Stratton will have to beat Roxanne Perez in the semifinals of the tournament next week. Although they’ve been around the title image for a while, they haven’t actually faced each other since earlier in Stratton’s NXT tenure. Because of this, this match will likely be a lot different than its predecessor.

“So the last time Roxanne and I fought each other was at the Breakout Championship. I would say that took about three or four months out of my career. So at the time, I was considered a rookie and this girl who came in was a very hard worker. She’s an underdog. .She definitely has her own.At the time I was still figuring out about wrestling and what I would do in situations.I feel like I’ve really grown as a wrestler now and I think it’s going to give me a run for my money, but it’s going to be close.I feel like Roxanne is an underdog and I feel ready and I feel that It’s time. It’s Tiffy time,” Stratton said.

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Hartwell would reveal that due to being drafted until Monday Night Raw, she would be leaving the NXT Women’s Championship, and a tournament would be held to determine the new champion. Since then, the first round has been completed, with Gigi Doolin, Jassi Jayne, Keanna James, and Fallon Henley participating and being eliminated. Stratton, Perez, Lyra Valkyria, and Korra Jade advanced and will face each other in the semifinals. The winners of those matches will then face each other in the NXT Battleground for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Do you think Stratton and Hartwell should have had a title rematch before he was vacated? Tell us in the comments, or as always you can talk all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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