Yes, Jessica Watkins Is Transgender, Who Is Oath Keeper Dating 2023?

The Army veteran, Jessica Watkins, has been arrested for eight-and-a-half years in prison. Multiple questions about her dating life have been asked, as Jessica Watkins is transgender. 

Jessica Watkins is a transgender veteran army and oath keeper who is the recent headlines on the media sources after the news of her charges was revealed. 

Further, Watkins was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years for storming the Capitol in the January 6 riot. Watkins is based in Woodstock, Ohio.

After the hearing was made, the judge told her she was in tears to hear that she played an aggressive role in the deadly blockade. 

Similarly, she was jailed after the day after the Oath Keepers founder and leader Stewart Rhodes was charged with 18 years for subversive conspiracy, which is the longest term for a January 6 rioter.

Jessica Watkins Is Transgender: Sexuality Explored

Yes, Jessica Watkins is transgender and following her sentence, everyone has been eager to know more about her sexuality.

Initially, Watkins didn’t discuss her sexuality in the media and kept her identity secret, but she opened up about it in 2022.

Jessica Watkins’s sentence news is trending over online sources. (Source: ABC News)

During that time, Jessica worked in the U.S. Army but later went absent without leave. After revealing her identity, Jessica said she faced many struggles and has been open about it with the media.

During her trial, she testified about how her struggles as a trans woman were part of her track from the Army to the insurrection. Watkins also revealed that her identity indirectly ushered to her being thrown out of the Army and even losing contact with her family.

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Who Is The Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins Dating In 2023?

As we all know, Jessica Watkins is transgender. So, as soon as people knew that the veteran army was not straight, they started questioning her dating life. 

As per the source, Watkins was living with her fiance, Montana Siniff, in Woodstock, Ohio. The couple started dating long ago and met at a comic book shop in Ohio.

The duo has been sharing a great bond, and Montana talked much about their relationship. As Jessica was concerned about being gay before committing to him. 

Jessica Watkins
Jessica Watkins’s picture is being displayed in a January 6th Committee hearing. (Source: NCB News)

Montana added, “By that time, I had absolutely fallen in love with her,” he said. “I told her it didn’t matter.” The couple also formed a group called the Ohio State Regular Militiaa, and they started supplying security and aid at protests. 

With her fiancee, Watkins owned and operated a bar and grill. Their business name is said to be The Jolly Roger.

Likewise, the pair was also presented in the Black Lives Matter protests in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Million MAGA March that happened in Washington, D.C. 

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Explore Jessica Watkins’ Family Background

Jessica Watkins was born into a sound family, but little information about her early life exists. Reportedly, Watkins was born with a different name but took the name Jessica Marie Watkins in 2004.

Moreover, Watkins was raised with her mother and her younger sister, whose names have not been shared with the media. Furthermore, Watkins has not received support from her parents after revealing her identity.

Occupy Democrats tweeting about Jessica Watkins’ sentence. (Source: Twitter)

Watkins has admitted that her parents rejected her when she disclosed her gender identity. As mentioned above, Jessica has been open about her struggles with being a trans woman and has talked about it at her trial.

Likewise, Jessica has resided in various places, from Rochester, New York, to Fayetteville, North Carolina. After that, she was living with her partner in Woodstock, Ohio.

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