“You’re old like my grandfather” – White lady responds to Carter Efe’s proposal (Video)

A Caucasian lady has shocked Nigerian skit-maker, Carter Efe, with her reply when he tried shooting his shot at her on a Tiktok live conversation.

She responded yes when the content creator asked if she might marry him, adding that he reminded her of her grandpa.

Carter Efe yelled and insulted her in Yoruba while the two were talking and continued by inquiring as to what she meant by it.

He asked; “Can you marry me”

She responded by saying that even though she has no issues with him getting married, it probably wouldn’t happen because he is an elderly man.

“Yes, but you are like my grandfather,” she said.

“Which kind talk be that, why do you say I look like your grandfather?” he queried.

Watch the conversation below,

Meanwhile, a 20-year-old graduate of Taraba State University, Justina Dauda, has taken to social media to celebrate after concluding her mandatory one-year NYSC program a virgin.

According to her, those who mocked her for being a virgin gave her the strength to hang on and keep pushing.

Sharing in a Facebook post on Thursday, May 25, 2023, she wrote;

“Diary of the virgin corper 2023. I came, I saw and I’m coming back home intact. Those who mocked me gave me the strength to come back home intact. The 20-year- old corper is here to say thank you Lord

Dedicating this special day to Taraba state University department of political science and international relations class of 2021. I pray for more virgin corpers from Taraba state University.”

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