APC Ratifies Buhari Die-Hard Supporter Cairo Ojuogboh’s Expulsion

The National leadership of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has ratified the expulsion of Cairo Ojuogboh, a die-hard supporter of the immediate past president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, from the party.

The expulsion was confirmed on Thursday via a letter sent to Ojuogboh’s counsel by the party’s National Legal Adviser, Ahmad Usman El-Marzuq.

The latest letter overruled the June 5 letter El-Marzuq had written to Ojuogboh via his counsel where he nullified the suspension slammed on him by the Delta State chapter of the party.

Ojuogboh, who’s known for his extreme political position and often accused of intemperate utterances was accused by the Delta State chapter of the party of anti-party activities where he celebrated the defeat of the party during the last governorship election.

After he was suspended and expelled by the APC Delta State chapter, he was accused of setting up a parallel executive that expelled the party’s Delta State governorship candidate, Ovie Omo-Agege from the party.

Omo-Agege is the last Deputy Senate president of the 9th assembly.

While both camps assumed position of being the authentic leadership of the party in the state, and Ojuogboh’s position was bolstered by El-Marzuq’s earlier letter that has changed after the party said it considered available evidence and found the former Board member of the Niger Delta Development Commission culpable of anti-party activities.

The official letter dated June 7, 2023, and addressed to Ojuogboh’s counsel, informed him of the fact that earlier letter has been retracted and stands nullified while he should considered himself expelled from the APC .

The letter read, “It has come to our attention that Dr.Ojougboh has filed an action against the Party in SUIT NO: A/82/2023 BETWEEN DR.CAIRO OJOUGBOH VS ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS and 3 ORS regarding his expulsion, thereby circumventing the internal dispute resolution mechanisms prescribed by the Party’s Constitution

“It is important to state that filing a matter in Court without firstexhausting the Party’s internal dispute resolution mechanisms is a gross violation of Article 21.5 (v) of the Party’s Constitution and such an offense carries the punishment of expulsion.

“Furthermore, Dr. Ojougboh constituted an illegal parallel Executive Committee within the party, which purportedly expelled Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, the Deputy Senate PFesident and gubernatorial candidate ofthe Party in Delta State. Article 21.2 (vi) of the Party’s Constitutionexplicitly prohibits the establishment of parallel structures or any Organ of the Party and such an offense necessitates disciplinary action.

“In addition, there are video clips of Dr. Ojougboh circulating the media space, wherein he is seen to be lampooning and celebrating the inabilityof the Party and its candidate to win the Gubernatorial election in Delta State which is glaringly an anti-party activity.

“After a thorough review of these emerging facts, the Party has been advised that the expulsion of Dr. Cairo Ojougboh by the State Executive Committee in Delta State is valid and justified.

“It is further advised that the expulsion Dr. Cairo Ojougboh from the Party with specific reference to Article 21.5(v) of the Constitution of the party be affirmed.

“Therefore, I must formally retract the earlier letter sent to you. It is now clear that the expulsion of Dr. Ojougboh from the Party is valid, based on his violation of the Party’s Constitution by filing an action in Court against the Party and establishing an illegal parallel executive committee to carry out his machinations aimed at destabilizing the Party.

“I request that you communicate these developments and the party’s position to your client, Dr. Cairo Ojuogboh.

“It is crucial that he understands the grounds upon which his expulsion has been ratified by the party and that the decision is final,” the letter concluded.

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