Arnold Schwarzenegger found love again two years after separating from ex-wife

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fans are keen to learn all about his long-time girlfriend Heather Milligan and their age gap, as the actor is making headlines these days thanks to his new Netflix show and recent documentary.

The Terminator actor came out with a three-part Netflix documentary named Arnold, which is based on his life.

The former California governor shares untold stories about his life in the new series and also reveals his deepest, darkest secrets.

From talking about the groping allegations against him, to opening up about the controversial affair with his housekeeper, the 75-year-old dives deep into his life for the documentary.

All of this is making the former bodybuilder’s fans curious to learn all about his dating life. Many are keen to know who his girlfriend Heather Milligan is.

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Who is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s girlfriend?

Despite the previous setbacks and blunders that the Terminator star has experienced in his love life, he shows that his heart is still open for love.

He has been in a long-term and loving relationship with his girlfriend, Heather Milligan, for the past decade.

This may come as a surprise to many, as the couple has kept their romance fairly private.

Heather is a physical therapist by profession who mainly works with athletes. She owns her own practice and is the founder of the company Elite Ortho Sports.

Arnold’s girlfriend works with high-profile clients like MMA star Connor McGregor, late-baseball star Frank Robinson, gymnast Madison Kocian and more.

She posts pictures with her clients on her Instagram page where she has over 3,000 followers.

Heather occasionally also posts pictures and videos of Arnold.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Heather Milligan’s age-gap

Arnold is 75 in 2023 while Heather is 48. The duo have a 27-year-old age gap.

Although it may seem a lot to some, for these two it does not matter. The power couple has been together for 10 years now, since they got together in 2013.

Many learned about their romance when they were first spotted kissing in Santa Monica, California.

Arnold was 65 years old and Heather was 38 when they first got together.

In his recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Arnold made a rare comment about Heather saying, he has a “wonderful girlfriend.” He also called her “very successful.”

Age-gap couples are not uncommon to come across in Hollywood. Most of the industry’s beloved couples have a huge age difference among them.

Some of the most famous ones are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (11 years), George and Amal Clooney (17 years), Jay-Z and Beyonce (12 years), and more.

One of the couples in the news these days is Noor Alfallah and Al Pacino who have a whopping 53-year-age gap. The pair are set to welcome their first baby together.

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