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Brian May “literally took my breath away” in a massive moment of adrenaline | music | entertainment

Sir Brian May has admitted he’s an “adrenaline junkie” and “glutton to punishment” after surprising fans this week with a performance that could have gone terribly wrong if not timed perfectly.

Guitarist Queen played Bohemian Rhapsody after appearing through a trap door during the encore segment from We Will Rock You’s opening night at London Coliseum.

The 75-year-old shared how exciting it was on Instagram by posting a video of the performance: Bohemian Rhapsody, when the entire packed auditorium dreamed of it happening all night, or so it seems, must be the greatest gift any player could receive. guitar.

“The shot of adrenaline it gives me is massive — literally ticks my breath away — partly because it has to be timed to a split second, and if anything gets off or out of place I can look pretty silly — partly because people in the audience seem to feel like I’m poised on a treacherous tightrope.” , making such a huge noise that I was pushed into a massive adrenaline rush and on the verge of completely burning out!!”

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Sir Brian continued: “These dangerous things are a lot like jumping off a cliff under the wing of a Parabinete (I know, because I did it) or going on the biggest roller coaster in the park (we all did that – right?) – but in this case I Alone with no safety net. Not quite as terrifying as playing live on the roof of Buckingham Palace for an audience of half a billion people – but not far off. Guess I must be an adrenaline junkie after all! Or maybe just a glutton for punishment?

Anyway – it was very exciting to do it on the opening night – party performance, eating the most amazing cake that WWRY had been baking all night. They put on an amazingly edgy show – there’s nothing like it a million miles around. God bless. In you guys!!!

“And thanks to all who have rocked with us so far. Every house is packed – get your tickets quick!!! For bringing you this current video – the best video I’ve seen, thanks to @mariasavemefriend3d – who just so happens to be in the front row!!! Bri.”

Expressing his admiration for the crew, Sir Brian added in another post: “Hah!!! I don’t feel too legendary the morning after this ‘apparition’!”

“But I have to tell you that the show – the new version of We Will Rock You which we just opened at the Colosseum in London – will be legendary for many years to come. We can only stay in the amphitheater for two months – so don’t miss out on this amazing experience!!! Wild.”

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