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Chainsaw man humanizes a fox demon

The Chainsaw Man has yet to confirm if a second season of the anime adaptation is on the way, but despite that fact, anime fans are still honoring the story of Denji and his fellow demon hunters. While characters like Denji and Katana Devil are able to fuse with their own demons, there are plenty of characters from the series that make deals with demons and live independently of one another. Such is the case with Aki and the Fox Devil, that one fan decided to imagine what the latter might look like as a human.

One of the key aspects of the demons in Chainsaw Man is that they are often more than willing to make a deal with humans looking to capitalize on their power. As with most Faustian deals in fiction, however, these require some major sacrifice on the part of the mortals who are willing to submit to the partnership. While Denji strikes gold with his demon, Pochita, as the pair form a mutually beneficial relationship, the deal for Aki and the Fox Devil has never been the same. By sacrificing part of his body to the Fox Devil, Aki is able to summon the Devil’s Head at will, though the challenges the Devil Hunter will face will require him to walk down some dark paths.

Devil fox comes

The government organization that Aki works for has the deal going for many of their employees. With a number of demons kept imprisoned, such as the Demon of the Future, demon hunters like Aki have the opportunity to make deals that will help them on their bloody journeys. With Aki sacrificing so much specifically to make sure he can slay demons, the future of the supporting character looks bleak in the anime adaptation.

Despite the popularity of Chainsaw Man, a season 2 announcement is anyone’s guess at this point given the huge amount of projects Studio MAPPA has on its plate. This year alone, the animation house is working on Vinland Saga, Hell’s Paradise, Attack on Titan, and Jujutsu Kaisen to name a few. If the Chainsaw Man returns, expect to see more of Aki and the Fox Devil as the threats facing Denji increase exponentially.

What’s your favorite demon in the Chainsaw Man series so far? Do you think Denji will return for a second season? Feel free to tell us in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the Chainsaw Devil universe.

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