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Ekiti Chef: First lady celebrates lady gunning for Hilda Baci’s record cooking time as Osun commissioner supports her with N100,000

Ekiti State First Lady, Dr. Olayemi Oyebanji, has taken to social media to celebrate Chef Dammy’s attempt to break the Guinness World Record in the longest cooking category with a 120 hours target.

”The last 70 hours have been about Chef Dammy @dammypas, a determined Ekiti undergraduate, who is making a bold attempt to break the Guinness World record for the longest cooking marathon. For me, it’s her courage and determination to stand for something positive, using her God-given talent to make a statement.

“Miss Damilola Adeparusi, surely has our love and support as she forges ahead to make this bold statement. I salute your courage, Chef Dammy, for your decision to run your race. Congratulations,” the first lady wrote.

Similarly, the immediate past Commissioner for Works in Osun State, Remi Omowaye, has called on Nigerians to support Adeparusi.

Omowaye in a statement said rather than discouraging the chef with of barrage of criticisms that have trailed her efforts to break a record set by another Nigerian for the longest cooking hour, Adeparusi should instead be encouraged to fulfil her dream.

He subsequently announced the donation of a sum of N100,000 to the chef and commended her for cooking traditional cuisines that were not so popular outside Ekiti State.

The statement further read in parts, “I throw my weight behind the Ekiti-born chef, Miss Damilola Adeparusi with a cash support of N100,000 in her quest to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon.

“Records are made to be broken. Damilola did not commit any crime by attempting to break Hilda’s record. The sky is wide enough to accommodate different types of birds. Let her spread her wings and fly. I think she is also trying to make a name for herself too. Healthy competition is not bad.

“Even if the lady doesn’t break the record, at least, we have known her now, like we knew Hilda and I think Hilda should also be happy to have been able to motivate someone to try to do the unthinkable.”

He, however, chided the Ekiti chef’s poor planning for the exercise, saying provision should have been made for a standby medical personnel in case of emergency but commended her for cooking local food.

He also advised the chef to prepare more traditional Ekiti meals like Feregede, Otili, Pakala, Usu Eura, Usu Olo, Ewa Alagbado, Eusaa, and Egbo among others, during the cooking marathon.

Chef Dammy shocked many when news broke about her attempt to break Chef Hilda Baci’s unofficial 100-hour record in this category.

The young chef, as of Monday, had been cooking for over 80 hours non-stop.

Irked by her decision to attempt the record barely weeks after Hilda Baci’s unofficial 100-hour record in the same category, social media users have continued to drag the young chef.

However, just as Adeperusi continues to be trolled online, her fanbase and support group have continued to grow.

Adeperusi is a young chef from Ekiti and an undergraduate at the Federal University, Oye Ekiti.

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