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Evan Peters talks about Marvel Return, and says he’s done with dark roles like Jeffrey Dahmer

Evan Peters has had a prolific career between film and television. Peters has headlined multiple titles and appeared in several Marvel projects over the years, as many X-Men movies and WandaVision. Recently, the actor fronted a Netflix documentary series Dahmer: The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, for which he won a Golden Globe Award. But Peters seems to steer clear of darker roles like Dahmer. In a new interview with Delivery timePeters revealed if he’s going to do another Marvel movie and that he’s taken on dark roles.

“I’m going to be in another Marvel movie,” Peters told the trade. Yes, I think so for me. Dahmer She was really the last kind of dark character I would play for an extended period of time. So it was kind of a farewell to that time of hard working on things like that, and now I’m going to try and pivot. Anything in the light I’m just trying to stay out of the dark for a while.”

WandaVision director on bringing Evan Peters to the Marvel series

“We took every step we could and apparently not enough steps because you know, I spilled in there and it was such a shame because you always try to keep things quiet for as long as possible,” Shakman previously told And somehow they kept Luke Skywalker a secret, but we couldn’t keep Evan a secret, which was a real problem. But you know, we thought he was the best and he carried all sorts of smuggling, you know, in capes, hiding them in trucks and all that kind of stuff to try to keep on delusion.”

with the idea of ​​Peters appearing in the series coming early WandaVisionIn its development, Shakman reveals how it happened, “It came fairly early in the show’s development, that question of who’s going to be at that door and grief affects a lot on the person, in terms of what they’d like to be accepted. And yes, Agatha tells you she was judging in So, try to get more information.”

What do you think of the return of Evan Peter in a future Marvel Studios project? Want to see him as Ralph Bonner or Quicksilver? Let us know in the comments below or via Our writer hit @NateBrail on Twitter!

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