FCT College of Education embarks on entrepreneurship intiatives to reduce unemployment

The Federal Capital Territory College Of Education, Zuba has reiterated the school’s commitment to embark on continuous mass entrepreneurial initiatives to reduce dependence on white-collar jobs after graduation.

Provost of the College, Dr Sule Mundi stated this during the Combined Students’ Entrepreneurship Exhibition 2023, held at the school premises, on Thursday.

Mundi said that the entrepreneurship exhibition is working in line with the mission and vision of the institution.

He stated that in FCT College of Zuba, “we teach our students academic and intellectual knowledge thus arming them with life skills”

The provost underscored the importance of enterprise and wealth creation, stating that students should acquire knowledge from practical skill training to become employers of labour in the long term.

He said: “It is pertinent to recognize your areas of strength, creativity and carve a niche for yourself in the business world. Those who will be wealthy are those that are ready to be employers of labour.

“Entrepreneurship has come to stay in our school. This is two years since we started and we will continue to improve on it and we are expanding it much better every year.

“We want to make sure our students acquire skills and they do not become applicants when they graduate, they will be able to do something on their own when they graduated and there won’t be any need for them to apply for jobs in any organization, they can build industries from what they have acquired here.

“We are going to work with industries, people we develop this into industries so that everybody can have access to it. We have partnerships with several industries. So far there are some of our students who have restaurants now and there are some of them who produced some of these items we are seeing here today. For their level, they have done so well and I’m impressed and I’m very comfortable with what they are doing.”

He assured aspiring entrepreneurs among the students of the support of the college, stating that the college will not relent in enabling students to get the support and logistics needed to set up industries.

The director, admin/finance FCT Secretariat, Leremoh Abdulrazak commended the college for its commitment towards the success of the entrepreneurship exhibition.

He said, “This will be of great impact to FCT and we will begin to appreciate the impact of the programmes like this. The importance of skills acquisition of training our children in life skills.

“Learning right from the school, skills to produce, to be self-reliant and self-employed is an addition to the school qualification they have come to school to acquire. We are aware that the state of employment in our country where we have thousands or millions roaming the streets holding just the academic qualifications.

“Education that cannot respond to the yield of the society is a useless education. Therefore what the College of Education is doing today is responding to the need of our society so that by the time students here graduate with their academic qualifications they are also going with life skills. Skills to become productive, self-reliant and self-employed and that they can even be employers of labour that is the essence of this programme.”




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