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Geekbench 6.1 is here with comprehensive improvements

Benchmarks are a great way to compare devices against each other, even though they are based on a limited set of metrics. Geekbench is one of the most popular among them, and Geekbench 6 arrived just a couple of months ago. Now Geekbench 6.1 is here, with a few changes that will give higher scores and better performance across the board. Due to these higher scores, they should not be compared to Geekbench 6.0 scores. You can, but it won’t be completely accurate.

As for the changes that Geekbench 6.1 brings, there are a couple. Arguably one of the biggest is support for Windows on Arm, Although it is in the preview stagePrimate Labs tells us that the full version will be available in Geekbench 6.2 expected in Q3 2023. However, the preview builds have known issues and may not work perfectly. Other changes in Geekbench 6.1 include:

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  • Klang 16: This new version of Geekbench is built across all platforms with Clang 16. It also improves the optimization keys used when building Geekbench.
  • Increased workload gap: To avoid thermal throttling, the gap between workloads has been increased from two seconds to five seconds. Primate Labs specifically notes that this could help with the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.
  • SVE help support: Geekbench 6.1 provides support for SVE instructions, which is an extension of AArch64 ISA.
  • Support for AVX512-FP16 instructions: AVX512-FP16 instructions are supported for many image processing functions.
  • Fixed point math support: Geekbench 6.1 uses fixed point mathematics to perform some image processing functions on systems without FP16 instructions.
  • Multi-core performance improvement: Geekbench 6.1 improves multi-core executions for Background Blur and Horizon Detection workloads, especially on high-end desktop processors.

As a result of all these changes, Primate Labs says single-core scores are expected to grow by up to 5%, and multi-core scores are expected to grow by up to 10%. Primate Labs recommends all users to update their Geekbench version, Which you can download from the official website now.

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