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Hideo Kojima demonstrates his role in Death Stranding

Famed video game creator Hideo Kojima has explained how involved he is with the upcoming game death strand film. Out of the 2019 sequel death strand Work in progress, a movie adaptation of the game was announced at the end of last year. And while the details of this project remain shrouded in mystery, Kojima has made it clear that he won’t be sitting in the director’s chair for the movie the same way he did for the video game.

In a new message shared on Twitter, Kojima specified how much he was involved with death strand film. Kojima said that although he did not direct the film, he was still producing it. He also noted that it helps greatly with the story and aesthetics of the film. With that in mind, it seems clear that the big screen adaptation of death strand It will have a lot in common with the source material.

Just to be clear, I am heavily involved in the production, oversight, planning, look, design, and content of the film adaptation. [Death Stranding]not just responsible for directing,” Kojima said on Twitter. He didn’t go on to add any additional context about who could be directing the movie, but it’s clear that Kojima is probably very busy with his video game efforts directing the movie.

Currently, it is not known when any of the upcoming Death Stranding projects will see the light of day. the death strand The film remains without a writer or director, which means that the film is still in its infancy. As for Death Stranding 2Kojima himself has been teasing the game’s shoot all the way back in 2023. However, the long-awaited sequel doesn’t yet have a release window of any kind and is only known to be coming to PlayStation 5.

How do you feel about Kojima choosing not to direct the death strand film? And would you be open to it someday looking to direct a movie rather than a video game? Let me know either in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at Amen.

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