How old is Susan Louise Lorincz? Judge grants bond for Ajike AJ Owens’ shooter as claims of harassing children go viral

A Marion District Judge conceded 58-year-old Florida shooter Susan Louise Lorincz bond on Friday, June 9. She was captured on Tuesday, June 6, on accuses of homicide of a gun, battery, and blamable carelessness, alongside two counts of attack following the passing of 35-year-old Ajike “AJ” Owens in Ocala.

Susan, a white lady, was blamed for shooting and killing Ajike, her Dark neighbor, keep going week on Friday, June 2. The adjudicator set Susan’s bond at $150,000, which she is expected to pay for the murder accusation. An extra $4,000 was additionally set – $1,000 for every one of the misdeed accusations.

At first, the safeguard asked the appointed authority for a bond set at $17,000, while the examiners requested a $200,000 bond. The examiners said on Thursday that they had plans of documenting a pre-preliminary detainment movement in Susan Lorincz’s case. Be that as it may, they pulled out their arrangement, refering to the case didn’t have a legitimate premise to do as such.

Investigators likewise asked the adjudicator for no contact between Susan Louise Lorincz and the casualty’s kids and requested that she not get back to the casualty’s home or even go to closeness. They likewise requested that Susan not have any gun. Moreover, a lower leg screen was requested.

As per Susan’s neighbors, she was famous nearby for bugging kids in the area and utilizing racial slurs against them.

On Wednesday, June 7, neighbors talked about various events where Susan got into a fight with the area youngsters and irritated them. Neighbors have reviewed the times that Susan insulted their youngsters with slurs, recorded them, waved firearms at them, and, surprisingly, called the police on them only for being kids.

One neighbor, Franklyn Tone, said that hours prior to the shooting, he was playing with his child and different youngsters in a close by field when Susan showed him her center finger and began shouting “rubbish” towards him and the children. Franklyn referenced that Ajike Owens cautioned him about Susan Louise when he moved to the area around a long time back.

33-year-old Phyllis Wills, who has lived nearby for right around 15 years, said that Susan Louise Lorincz used to come external all an opportunity to disturb their children. She guaranteed that everyone in the area has had a fight with Susan Louise Lorincz over their children. Phyllis further said that Susan used to refer to their kids as “retards” and, surprisingly, utilized the N-word. She added:

“She recorded them each opportunity she’s came outside. She’s gotten into her truck and shot the radio as clearly as possible to unsettle the children. She’s gotten into her truck and laid on the horn for extensive stretches of time to disturb them, also. She sped out in her truck over here, simply insane things.”

Another neighbor, 36-year-old Sharna Mozell, who spent around 12 years in the area, said that her 10-year-old little girl habitually plays outside with different children nearby. Susan would just come outside to record them and flick them off while likewise calling out to out them continually.

Sharna’s girl let her one day know that Susan called the police on them for just playing in the field. Notwithstanding, she added that the police did nothing since they are simply kids who should play. Sharna said that she didn’t see what Susan Louise Lorincz’s concern or rationale was.

On Friday, the evening of the shooting, Ajike Owens’ youngsters were playing at a close by parcel before Susan Louise Lorincz’s home, for which she shouted at them. As per the Marion Region Sheriff’s Office, Susan took part in a contention with the children and tossed a couple of skates at Ajike’s 10-year-old child, which struck his toe.

Afterward, when Ajike’s other child, matured 12, attempted to talk with Susan, she opened her entryway and swung at the kin with an umbrella. Following this disaster, Ajike went to address the 58-year-old and thumped on her entryway on various occasions, requesting she opens the entryway.

Nonetheless, Susan Louise Lorincz didn’t come outside however discharged the shots from behind the entryway utilizing a .380 type handgun which hit Ajike in her upper chest. She was given CPR by a neighbor and was hurried to an emergency clinic thereafter, where she was articulated dead.

Ajike Owens’ kids are as of now being really focused on by Ajike’s mother and their grandma, Pamela Dias.

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