How Primate Ayodele predicts Emefiele’s shameful end + video

The final and shameful end of embattled Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Godwin has been predicted long before now by Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, then calling for his removal by the immediate past President Muhammadu Buhari.

A statement from the cleric’s recalled that when Emefiele came up with the Naira Redesigned policy, Primate Ayodele kicked against the obnoxious policy.

“Primate Ayodele didn’t only stand against the naira redesign policy; He warned Godwin Emefiele of the sad end of his career if he continues with the naira redesign policy.

“Primate Ayodele in several publications made it known that the policy will destroy the economy of the country and that he will run out of ideas to solve problems when the policy backfires.

“Although before then, Primate Ayodele had recommended the sack of Godwin Emefiele due to his economic policies which have affected the country’s well-being, the man of God was advising the CBN governor during the naira redesign policy era as someone whom God shows dangers ahead of time” the statement said.

The cleric added: ‘’Emefiele has dragged Nigeria into another trouble because he won’t be able to solve this, he will run out of ideas and the money will create economic troubles and hardship. The banks will be affected too in this process because we will have a sloppy economy. Either they are fighting politicians or not, the poor masses will be at the receiving end’’

Primate Ayodele recalled that despite his persistent calls, Emefiele, nor did Federal Government FG listen to his warning, instead, forged ahead with the criminal and inhuman policy.

He recounted that despite all his tricks and mischief, the policy was later dropped after some governors dragged the FG to a court.

Later in April during an interview session captured in a video, Primate Ayodele was heard saying Emefiele would be faced with so many troubles as he foresaw his arrest.

He also made it known that the CBN Governor will be embarrassed, unless he seeks the face of God.

His words: ‘’Emefiele will be faced with so many troubles, it is only God who can help him not to be arrested. Emefiele should get ready for embarrassment and he should seek the face of God so it won’t ruin his personality. All he needs to do is to seek God’s face maybe he can help him shelve the moment of this trial that is coming’’

While people have forgotten and moved on from the crisis caused by the naira redesign policy, President Tinubu ordered the suspension of CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele on Friday, 9th of June, 2023. Just a few minutes later, the Department of State Services (DSS) arrested him in order to investigate some of his activities while he was governor of the apex bank.

Primate Ayodele’s words about Emefiele were short but they spell one thing which is authority. He didn’t have to speak in parables or by illustrations to pass his message and that’s one unique thing about him. The man of God makes prophecy look easy considering how simple he makes them look and how they come to pass.

Just like he prophecies, Emefiele has been suspended and not only that, was arrested , and in the coming days, we never can tell what can befall him but one thing that has been established according to the statement is that Primate Ayodele’s prophecy on Emefiele has just been vindicated

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