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How to open the tobio hollow chasm

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an adventure game that captivated its players with its exciting challenges and missions. One of the most intriguing tasks in this game is unlocking Tobio’s Hollow Chasm, hidden away behind the enigmatic Zonai Locks.

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Finding this hidden hole can be very difficult, but don’t worry, we have prepared a detailed guide that will walk you through all the steps needed to unlock Tobio’s Hollow Chasm in Tears of the Kingdom.

The mystery of searching for the ring ruins

To unlock Tobio’s Hollow Chasm, you will first need to complete the “The secret of the rings“Quest. Head to Kakariko village and locate Baia. Once you find her, talk to her to start searching. After that, you will need to make your way to Episode ruins.

Once there, head to the top of the site and Take a picture of the stone slab of the ruins of the ring using your camera. after doing so, Return to Baia And share your exciting new results. This exchange will provide you with all the valuable information and guidance needed to advance to the next stage of the assignment.

Caliper meeting

The slopes of the popla

He traveled to The slopes of the popla, located south of the village of Kakariko. Upon arrival, talk to caliper At coordinates 0586, -2105, 0093. He will ask you to get a charged set of armor. They can be found at the following locations:

  • Charged shirt: Located in Dracozo Lake (1004, -2538, 0013)
  • Charged pants: Located in the Dracozu River (0952, -2705, 0012)
  • Charged head cover: located in the Dracozu River (0979, -2827, 0012)

After receiving the Charged Armor set, equip it and head to the bunker located at coordinates 0651, -2730, 0019 in the same area, and put the Zonai Charge into it.

Travel to Goku Yu Shrine

Goku Yu Shrine

You must travel to Dragonhead Island in the Faron Grasslands Sky. Upon arrival, players must locate and enter Goku Yu Shrine. Inside Joku-U’s shrine, you’ll see the charged door blocked with chrome. Cut the vines and enter through the door. Before moving on, you must remove all iron equipment and weapons from Link to avoid lightning strikes and have at least 10 hearts.

Complete the Joku-U Shrine quest

Flying Zonai Device

Once inside, pick up a Zonai Relic from the altar, build the Flying Zonai Device, and follow the beam of light. Once you reach your destination, place the Zonai Relic on the empty altar. Doing so will complete and unlock the Joku-U Shrine quest Tobio Hollow.

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