“I promise I won’t take you for granted and will welcome you like a Queen” – Benue man vows as he seeks a girlfriend

A Nigerian man from Benue State, James Jemix has gone online to seek for a girlfriend, promising to treat her like a queen.

According to James, he finally understood the importance of a partner now that he was sick and alone.

Sharing in a Facebook post on Sunday, June 18, he wrote;

“Is as am sick now I understand the disadvantage of not having a girlfriend kaiii no joy. Am now single and singular please person daughter should locate me please, I promise I won’t take you for granted I will welcome you like a Queen. Kaii mvor.”

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In other news, a Nigerian man identified as Oluwafemi Damilola has been charged with stealing 45,000 naira from four runs girls and has appeared in court in Ondo state.
According to the victims who related the incident, Oluwafemi utilised their services and compensated them with phony credit alerts.

Reports state that Oluwafemi was later detained by the police and charged on two counts bordering on fraud.

According to police prosecutor Akano Moremi, the defendant committed the crime in the state’s Sabo district in October 2022.

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