“I’m not going to run from it or hide it anymore” — Reality TV star, Khafi reveals her motherhood fear

Former Big Brother Naija star, Khafi Kareem, has openly shared her fear and concerns about becoming a mother.

Khafi, a mother of two, revealed this in a post shared on her Instagram page today, June 2. She said her major fear is losing her own identity to motherhood and being solely recognized as a mother, without any other accomplishments or pursuits.

The mother of two boys, Malakai and Mikah, said this concern has been weighing heavily on her heart for quite some time. However, she has recently made the decision to embrace motherhood wholeheartedly and not shy away from it because it’s a beautiful experience.

She shared a lovely photo of herself and her sons fast asleep in bed with the lengthy caption,

“????Long caption alert!! ???? Hey everyone, it has been a while, again lol. We are six months into the new year and I haven’t been online as much as I’d have liked!! Thank you for all the dms checking if I’m okay and letting me know you missed me, I missed you too ! 313980917 5498450003585560 2397030482957256304 n 1080

Truth is, my fear after becoming a mum was that I would be viewed only as a mum. I was so afraid of what my reality was becoming and how fully encompassing motherhood was that I just preferred to be offline and didn’t want to “bore” anyone with my new reality lol! But the truth is that motherhood is everything BUT boring! I am a multifaceted blessed woman with many parts of me and they all still exist (my dreams are STILL valid and you’ll be seeing more of them), but right now one of the most important roles to me is being a mama to these two baby boys @malakaiandmikah ????????.

So I’m not going to run from it or hide it anymore. I am a mama and proud, and yes I’m absolutely exhausted most days and nights as you can see from the picture! ???? But when my husband @gedoni captured this photo after both our boys ended up in our bed yet another night, I couldn’t help but stare at it again and again. It’s just raw and real and I love it. I am now in my motherhood era unashamedly and you can come along for the ride ????”

See her post below,

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