ITS OFFICIAL!!! Bizarre Tournament Of European Sex Championships In Sweden Kicks Off

ITS OFFICIAL!!! Bizarre Tournament Of European Sex Championships In Sweden Kicks Off—Porn stars and OnlyFans models will today begin competing in a tournament that’s been dubbed the ‘European Sex Championships’.

A reported 20 representatives of a dozen or so nations will take part in the event at an undisclosed location in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Despite initial reports that Scandinavian authorities had recognised the event as an official sport, they have since clarified this isn’t the case, and that an application to do so was rejected.

But that hasn’t deterred the organiser, a strip club owner who was once reportedly sued by McDonalds.

The seedy tournament that will be streamed live over the internet.

Britain’s representative — OnlyFans model Barbie Sins — has pulled out of the event citing ‘health complications’.

The remaining 19 competitors hail from across the continent, including Spain, Italy, France, Ukraine and Russia.

Participants in the championship will be assessed across 16 categories in bouts to be held over six weeks.

These include, their skills in seduction and massage, their proficiency in sex acts, the appearance of their sexual organs, how many times they can orgasm, and their ‘artistry’ and ‘creativity’ in creating a seductive pose.

Bouts will reportedly last between 45minutes to an hour for each category.

Fifteen of the categories are worth five to 10 points each as determined by judges, apart from the final, sixteenth, which can be worth 20 points and is based on online audience votes.

At the end of all the events, the competitor with the most votes will be crowned the champion.

Contestants submitted STI tests ahead of the championship commencing and have to repeat the test every week thereafter until the end.

One of the judges of the competition is Ziga Sedevcic, head of Organisation Dobra Družba, a not-for-profit representative group for sex workers and the adult industry in Slovenia and the Balkan area.

The European Sex Championships themselves are being organised by Dragan Bratic who owns a number of strip clubs in the Jönköping area of Sweden.

It’s not the first time that Mr Bratic has made the headlines.

Various local politicians have objected to the opening of his clubs in their areas over the years.

And in 2009 he even attracted the ire of international fast-food giant McDonald’s.

According to local media, McDonald’s sued Mr Bratic over his then-new strip tease bar called “McDragan’s Drive In!”, with the fast-food titan claiming its logo was too similar to theirs.

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