Joe Pickett returns but addictive series has new streaming service to call home

HITC explains where to watch Joe Pickett season 2 on streaming, how many episodes there are, and the cast.

The American neo-Western has experienced a powerful resurgence in recent years, with many accounting for its popularity with fingers pointed firmly at Yellowstone and other such shows. With the return of US TV series Joe Pickett, it’s only set to be regarded more and more.

Based on characters from C.J. Box’s novel series that began in 2001 with Open Season, Michael Dorman portrays the titular character, a Wyoming game warden making a life for himself and his family in Saddlestring, a small town neighbored by Yellowstone National Park.

It went down a storm when it first arrived, and now it’s finally back to blaze a new trail. However, it’s not in its usual home, so here’s where to watch Joe Pickett season 2 on streaming, how many episodes are in the schedule, and its cast.

Joe Pickett season 1 trailer cr. Spectrum Originals YouTube

Where to watch Joe Pickett season 2 on streaming

Joe Prickett season 2 is streaming exclusively on Paramount+, which may come as a surprise to audiences who watched season 1 on Spectrum Originals.

After season 1, it was decided that the series would move over to another streaming service.

For those who aren’t subscribed, it’s a relatively cost-effective platform and the Paramount+ essential plan costs up from $4.99 monthly, or you can save money and pay $49.99 for the entire year.

There is also an option to subscribe to Paramount+ as a channel on Amazon Prime Video.

How many episodes in Joe Pickett season 2 schedule?

Joe Pickett season 2 will be made up of 10 episodes in total, the same amount of installments that the previous season offered.

The first two episodes premiere on Sunday, June 4th 2023, with single episodes then airing weekly:

Joe Pickett cast

You can check out the Joe Pickett cast members alongside their respective roles:

Guest stars also include Ben Hollingworth as Ote Keeley, Malik Elassal as Calvin Mendes, Owen Crow Shoe as Kyle Lensegrav, and Mark Bellamy as Mitch.

Joe Pickett star teases what’s to come

Mustafa Speaks (Nate) was previously interviewed by Screenrant and opened up about what he’s excited to explore post-season 1, with reference to what we can expect from the latest:

“…what I’m looking forward to is diving into Nate’s story, which is Force of Nature, Book #12. Nate has his own book where you really get to learn about his backstory, who he is, where he comes from, why he is the way he is – with this whole mysterious thing in the background that’s very heavy. I’m absolutely looking forward to diving into what that is all about.”

He added: “To answer the other part of your question, what I’m looking forward to in season 2 is how the relationship continues to develop between me and Joe, particularly with the rest of the rest of his family.”

There are 23 books in the Joe Pickett series in total, with the latest titled Storm Watch from February 2023.

Joe Pickett is now streaming on Paramount+.

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