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Jose Altuve home robbery: Edwin Polos among people charged in connection with player’s watches stolen on Astros’ opening day

Thursday, June 8, 2023 12:57 AM

Records show that he is the fifth defendant in the Jose Altuve housebreaking case

Hedwig Village, Texas (KTRK) – A man has been charged with theft after allegedly trying to purchase stolen watches from Jose Altuve’s home in Hedwig Village on opening day for the Houston Astros.

Court documents show 35-year-old Edwin Boles is the fifth person charged in connection with the March 30 robbery that led to the seven-hour theft.

During probable cause court, it is revealed that Paul tried to buy some watches knowing they were stolen.

four other people, Patrick Maxey, 27; Jordan Trinella, 25; Jasmine Hall, 20; and William Jones Jr., 28, were also charged in connection with the burglary at the player’s home.

Original report: Jose Altuve robbery: At least 7 Astros star’s watches were taken in March robbery, records show

According to records, Maxey, Tarneilla, and Jones were charged with burglary after the incident.

Subsequently, charges of obstruction of arrest and evasion of arrest were filed against Hall for allegedly helping Jones hide from police on April 13 in connection with the robbery.

Records also revealed that Maxie and Jones had previous burglary convictions dating back to 2016.

All of them are expected to appear in court later this month except for Maxi, whose next court date is July 14.

Paul posted his $20,000 bond and is expected to appear in court on Thursday.

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