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Kingdom’s Tears – Fire Temple Guide

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Who said jumping into a volcano was a bad idea? Certainly not a link. In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link returns to Death Mountain to face the heat and the looming threat within. But this time, he would head further towards the dark depths below.

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The Fire Temple is full of elaborate floors connected by a dozen or so mine cart tracks. Get ready for loads of puzzles and excitement. We’ll guide you through the temple from start to finish below.

How to get to the Fire Temple

Before you can descend into Death Mountain, you will first need to solve the problem that Gorons are currently facing. Yubobo, a familiar face and hero from Breath Of The Wild, is back, and he’s kind of a jerk this time around. A Zelda rogue tricked him into donning a mind-controlling mask and made him feed his village crumbs of gloomy rock.

After coming face to face with Yubobo and destroying the mask, he will then help you up Death Mountain and fight the massive three-headed Moragia at the top. Here, you’ll come face to face with the beast in an air battle before descending into the depths below the volcano. After making your way through the darkness, you’ll finally reach the Fire Temple and venture inside.

Overview of the Fire Temple

After removing the depression blocking the entrance, head inside, and in the hall on your right you will find a chest with ten arrows. Then head to the central room and activate the terminal to start the temple.

The overall objective is to find and unlock the five locks to open the gate to the inner chamber. There are five floors and many mine cart tracks that you have to explore in order to free all the locks. Next, we’ll walk you through how to get to all of them, and how to get treasures along the way.

one lock

Fire Temple lock one location

Start by heading to the south corridor. Here you will find a faucet that will cool the lava to create platforms that you can walk on. Jump over this small river and grab three tiles. Then use it to create a bridge to the other side of the lava pool. Jump into the mine cart and shoot Yubobo on the track switch to change the direction of the track.

Take out the fireworm once you get to the end of the path, then blast the rock blocking the entrance to the first lock. It can be a bit difficult to hit, so stand on the rubble nearby to line up your shot. Once inside, Yubobo shoots the buzzer to release the first lock.

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lock two

Fire temple lock site two

Return to the mine cart and press the switch to open the gate. He jumped into the carriage and instantly exploded the rubble blocking the path. Now, press the track key as you hover over to set the track. You will have to turn the cart over once it stops and go back the way you came to follow the new path.

Take out your little ankle enemies as soon as you stop. This area has two lanes. The path to the right only leads to a chest with some arrows in it, so make sure you take that first. You will need to press the key to move the middle part of the path to create a path. Once you’ve grabbed your chest, go back and make your way to the other path across the small bridge.

Press the switch to lower the track then jump and ride it down. Now destroy the rock to activate the faucet. Once the platform is close enough to jump onto, use your recovery ability and ride across the pool to the other side. Now press the bell to release the second lock. Before you leave this room, be sure to head to the ledge above you by climbing up or using the Ascend. Here you will find some Zonai devices and a box with some Zonaite in it.

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lock three

Solve the mystery of the Temple of Fire paths

From the second bell, go back to the path you were just on. Before you jump into the trolley, stand near the ledge and shoot an arrow at the switch on the other side to raise the path. Now go up to the next floor. Take out the enemy and then grab the Zonai devices and the arrows inside the chest.

There are many paths connecting this area, making it a semi-terminal or station. First, head upstairs and activate the switch for the shortcut elevator. Then take out the rock to the northwest of this area. Press the key to complete this path. Before heading across, go to the other key combination and hit the left key to complete the path. Now hop into the trolley on the northwest side and ride it around the platform on the east side of this area. Here, you’ll find a powerful Zonaite shield inside a chest, which then doubles back to the station area.

Fire Temple lock location three

Now press the switch on the right to raise the path and follow it to the next floor. Lift the box up and take the next cart to the next area. Cross the wooden bridge and drop off the ledge into the area below. Here you will find a key with a shield on one side. Activate it to lower the track and jump into the trolley to get to the next bell.

In this new area, use the ramp to launch the Yubobo at the rock and release the water spout. Get five of the lava slabs he makes, and combine them together into a pile. Now angle the ramp on the stack so that it’s pointed at the bell, and launch a Yubobo at it once you’re lined up. This may take a few tries and some adjustment. After hitting the bell, move your ramp to the area behind you and take out the boulder through the gap.

lock four

Fire Temple lock four site

Now return the cart to the shield key and climb to the floor above you. Make your way around the side of this area and drop onto the ledge where you blew up the last boulder. Inside, you’ll find a room with a hole in the floor that leads to the first floor.

Slowly go down to the third floor and grab the chest with the second Reaper soldier’s sword inside. Now go down to the first floor and grab the powerful Zonaite Longsword in the chest before you strike the fourth blow.

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lock five

Solve the mystery of the Boulder Temple of Fire

The final lock is hard to come by, which is why we saved it for last. Start pressing the switch to get out of the room where you found the fourth bell. Now head back towards the temple entrance, and take the short cut elevator to your right to reach the trolley stop. Head to the path facing southwest and attack with a missile on it. Jump into the trolley and activate the rocket to fly over the broken track.

On the other side, you will find a rock on your right. You don’t technically need to destroy them, but if you do, you’ll get some Zonai. To destroy it, start by raising the broken bridge on the left side. Let him fall, then run to the base of the bridge and throw Recall at him. While facing up towards the rock, Yubobo launches and demands your Zonai.

Fire Temple lock five location

Now climb up the bridge on the other side of this area and make your way around the wall. Here you will find a chest with ten arrows under two metal plates. Now go back to where you came up on the bridge and reconnect the two pieces using the Ultrahand. Launch Yubobo across the bridge and up the wall to destroy the rock above you.

After the rock is destroyed, a giant block will fall to the ground. Jump on it and use Recall to get to the area above you. If you somehow miss this opportunity, you can also climb the wall. Once at the top, press the last bell to release the last lock. Then return to the station at the gate and activate it to get to the boss area. Once inside, you will need to launch Yubobo at the wall in order to hit the rock in the center of the ceiling.

Marbled Johma Boss Battle

Marbling Johma Boss Introduction

After the rock is destroyed, the battle against Marbled Gohma will begin. This boss is actually a rock crab with destructible legs and one eye as a weak point. As it moves, it will shoot rock bombs at you and sometimes try to trample you.

You’ll need to destroy two of his legs to stun them, then unleash your arrow attacks on the eye. You can also use Recall on rock bombs to send them to the boss. This requires great timing and is most effective if you wait to destroy the second leg right after the boss has fired bombs at you.

Johma Boss Marble Battle

After taking out half of her health, Gohma will stick to the ceiling while shooting a ring of rock bombs around you. If cornered, quickly shoot Yubobo at them to escape, or you can also climb on top of them. It is also possible to dodge completely if you keep moving while the boss is shooting at them.

Now, Yubobo will shoot at a wall to knock Gohma down, giving you a chance to shoot more arrows into his eye. You’ll need to do this a few times to defeat the boss, but if you time it right, you can continually take Gohma off the roof and attack him before he has a chance to attack you. After defeating the boss, grab your entire core before approaching Yubobo. You will then enter a scene that ends with you gaining a Yubobo ability. Pat your back for a job well done.

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