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Kingdom’s Tears – wild location shield

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  • Wilderness Shield Collection

Within The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link is rewarded with an armor set known as the Armor of the Wild for finding and completing all 120 shrines scattered throughout the kingdom of Hyrule. This set was said to be based on a set worn by an ancient hero.

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In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link can find the same group. Fortunately, it doesn’t require him to find and complete all 152 shrines that made their way into the game. Instead, all you have to do is visit Dark skeleton locations in the depths.

Updated by Erin Rice on June 10, 2023: This update added information regarding the improvement of this armor set, along with information about the boost reward for the armor set. In addition, small details about the sites have been changed to help the reader understand the sites better.

Wilderness Shield Collection

The Armor of the Wild set is different from the other green jackets that can be found throughout the game. This group actually offers Defense base 12. Each individual piece gives Link a defense base 4. The collection can be improved by great fairies throughout Hyrule. It can also be dyed at Hateno Village Dye Shop. This is the only green jacket that can be dyed a different color. The group does not offer any specific rewards for equipping the full group. However, increasing all pieces to level 2 offers an Attack Up hook bonus.

Improve the level

Defense piece shield

Defense group shield

Upgrade cost (Rs.)

the required materials*

basic level








10 acorns, 2 scales Pharosh / Nidra / Dinaral





5 Korser bee honey, 2 Farosh / Nidra / Dinaral tentacles





3 Active Rhinoceros Beetles, 5 Farosh / Naydra / Dinraal’s Spike shards, 2 Farosh / Naydra / Dinraal’s Fang shards





3-star shards, 2 Varosh/Nidra/Denral horns, 10 Varosh/Nidra/Denral spike shards

* When upgrading the cap, you will need Varosh materials. Chest piece requires Naydra material. Finally, the legs require Dinraal materials.

wild hat

The wild hood is found in the skull of the Habra dusky skeleton. Its location is found below the Great Skeleton of Hebra. The closest Lightroot is Kato Lightroot, opposite Otak Shrine. The Muotue Lightroot is also close to the Skeleton Tail. Unfortunately, the chasm closest is the Hyrule Ridge Chasm. This means that you will have a long walk. There is also a repeat of the Wind Temple boss Colgera that you will likely pass on your way here.

For times when you need to travel long distances into the depths, be sure to use the Zonai devices around. A fused Zonai or integrating two Zonai propellers into a Zonai joystick can take you far.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Wild Cap

wild hat in the head of the skeleton. There are many enemies around, including Gloom Hands.

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wild jacket

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Wild Tunic website

Tunic of the Wild is located inside Dark Skeleton Skull Gerudo. It is located directly below Gerudo’s large skeleton. It is located in the very bottom left corner of The Depths. The closest Lightroot is Kasari Lightroot, corresponding to Irasak Shrine. The nearest chasm is East Gerudo Chasme.

Tonic Wild The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Just like with Cap of the Wild, wild jacket It was found inside the skull of the skeleton. There are many enemies around, including the Grim Hands.

Wild trousers

The Legend of Zelda's Tears location in Kingdom

The last piece of the set is located in the skull Eldin Dark Skeleton. Dark skeleton. It is located directly below the skeleton of the Great Religion. The closest Lightroot is Kayam Lightroot, which corresponds to Mayak shrine. The closest gap is the Drennan Heights Gap.

You will need the Flamebreaker set for this piece. It is located near the lava under Mount Doom.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Wild Kingdom Trousers

Wild trousers It was found in the skull of this skeleton.

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