Let Emefiele Defend Himself, Reno Omokri Tells Tinubu 

Reno Omokri has advised President Bola Tinubu against incarcerating former Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Governor, Godwin Emefiele without hearing his defence.

Omokri said Tinubu should allow Emefiele defend himself of any allegation raised against him.

He charged Tinubu not to repeat the mistake of former President Muhammadu Buhari by arresting officials of the previous administration without allowing them to defend themselves.

Tweeting, Reno Omokri wrote: “Where is Godwin Emefiele? The Tinubu administration should not lock him up and begin to make public allegations against him. This is precisely what Buhari did to Jonathan administration officials as soon as he took over in 2015.

“They were locked up, and while incarcerated, allegations were made to turn the public against them, without giving them an opportunity to defend themselves.

“We had hoped those dark days were behind us. Question Emefiele and even accuse him, but let him have the chance to defend himself against these rumours and innuendo.

“Where is he? Under what legal order is he being held? Let Nigerians hear from him. Having begun so well, President Tinubu should not continue the draconian practices as his immediate predecessor. This is similar to what Abacha did, which drove even Tinubu to exile in 1994.”

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