Man embarrasses date by demanding payment after she consumed N12K worth of food on their date (Video)

A viral video capturing the moment a young man recorded a lady as he insists she must pay for eating 12,000 naira food on their date has stirred controversy online.

The woman allegedly ordered a lunch that was more expensive than the man could afford when the two were out on a date.

He then made the decision to inform her to pay for what she had eaten at the end of their date when it came time to make a payment.

It appears that their drama had gone outside as the man entered his car about to zoom off, but he and the lady began having a heated argument.

She was heard imploring that under normal conditions, she would be able to pay, but her phone was down.

He made fun of her, warned her not to claim to be somebody she is not, and threatened to keep her in the establishment for hours if she didn’t pay.

Some employees could be seen waiting behind them as they made their decision regarding payment.

Watch the video below,

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